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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Face It

I'm not sure how to say this, especially when I've been a huge resistance to the idea of it all, but I (somehow) have a Facebook account, the bane of life. However, the twist is, I'm not managing it. So for the poor victims who are subjected to the landlslide of information available there, do not panic. There are two reasons why.


1. You know very well I'll NEVER have a facebook. Or at least until I find one good reason to have it.


2. I actually granted permission to my "managers" to handle that account, and whatever funny and weird things you've encountered are not unbeknownst to me. Treat this as a chance to laugh at me, because sometimes, people forget to laugh at themselves. I find this whole ordeal amusing.


Facebook has been an issue of little importance to me, or any at all. Call me crazy, but leaving all your information lying around so carelessly and publicly can lead to the Internet being one of the most dangerous weapons in existance. I've always had a bad feeling about it, and I still do. Even blogging doesn't seem safe anymore. Imagine. Careful sourcing can tell anyone where you live, what you look like, what you are currently doing, how you live your life, what connections you may have, and so on. The scope of information anyone can retrieve is almost infinite. And they don't need hacking or malicious codes to do all this. It's just there, just ripe for the picking. How can we tell that whoever's watching and observing us aren't using this web of information in a wrong manner? So far, it seems we can never tell. Just where do the words privacy exist on the Internet?


As much as I am against having an account, I do not reject the qualities that it has. I'm not an experienced user, but I know it well enough to know some of the applications and options it offers. It's not a wonder that it is the leading social networking application on the web. Alas, my interest wanes at such things now. Having gone through Friendster and Multiply, I can conclude the extent of my use of them.


1. To post pictures so I can share what I've been doing and how I look like each day.


2. To write details and other relevant information as to my past, present and future state, be it contacts, location, aspirations, et cetera.


3. To be reminded of mine and everyone's birthday, even if they're not that close in your life.


4. To browse through my friends' and other people's accounts and check their versions of 1 to 3.


Maybe I see too far into the future, but that's how I've always been. Always seeing the big picture, although, not always perfectly.


In any case, this post is here to inform you about this new turn of events. Laugh it up.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

I Love The Whole World

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

All Aboard

For the past nine months, I've been living the life that most people could have wished for. No sense of urgency to go to work. (Except for the 3 3/4 months I spent at a law firm.) An independant power to schedule yourself to whatever activities you like, at any time. Long, intensive hours of gaming were never considered a hindrance to anything. Midnight supper at 24-hour food centres was always an option easily made. It was a life without care, you'd wish you were caught in that timeframe forever. It seemed long, but then again, it felt short. That was basically my ultimate holiday, the last of its kind probably.

If you've been wondering why I've not been posting new entries, it's probably because I've used up most of my time doing things that I'vealways wanted to do, and I can't spare that much a time to post entries at all. But here I am again, back here. A sign that says "Shit, I'm back on the main road."

I've been in school for about 2 weeks now, and although I miss the old days of slacking and gaming, it's been an interesting experience here. Being out of the education path for 2 years and 8 months makes you feel like a rusty engine, forcing itself to work again, with heavy effort. Alas, I'm slowly reaching that educational pace again, so hopefully, I'll reach it soon. It's never good to lag too far behind. That aside, here's a summarised list of things that's happened so far in school.

3rd August, Friday:
Went to collect my hall key, as well as attend the Freshman Welcome Day. Nothing was particularly exciting, other than the fact that I'm presented with chances to meet up with my old friends. Freshman Welcome Day was quite deceitful. I came with the idea that there was an important speech about how my course will run, seeing that the faculties were divided into two timing slots. Not worth mentioning.

5th August, Sunday:
Finally moved in to my little hall room. I'm in Hall 8. I quite love this place because of the hilly feeling it gives. A little hot, but bearable. Floor was really dirty to the point of colouring my entire soles black. Did cleaning and put my stuff into place. Like the first night when I went to BMT, had a hard time sleeping.

6th August, Monday:
Met up with Aloycious. Known each other since our Amoy Quee days. Funny and intellectual guy, and glad to know he's in the same course as me. Headed off to my school, Wee Kim Wee School Of Communication And Information (WKWSCI). Attended lectures, got lost a few times, perspired like hell. NTU does not let off on heat at all during the afternoons. Lectures were mostly introductions to the course. Very interesting lecturers for both COM203 (Dr Cherian George) and COM205 (Mr Paul Frenzo).

7th August, Tuesday:
Had only one lecture, and was introduced to another lecturer, COM201's Professor Hao Xiaoming. Very interesting lecturer, with a nice sense of humour. Natural affinity to make me laugh, among other people. Went home after that, as there were no more lessons for the week, presumably. (Not until I realised that there were the electives to follow. Sigh. Trips from home to NTU were long.)

9th August, Thursday:
Was at Wally's house since 7pm on Wednesday. Had our Movie Monster's Club movie marathon yet again, with Cori and Val being present. Finally got to watch Shawshank Redemption. Due to a series of unfortunate events, I've not been able to watch it 5 times previously. Unlucky streak broken at last. Spent all night there talking with the gang, and departed for home at 630am. Tired. Rested the whole day.

[First week was gone in a jiffy. Strange feeling.]

13th-17th August, Week 2:
Wave after wave of course readings, tutorials and subject registrations. Finally got a good timetable, and my confirmed electives are HE191 (Principles Of Economics), HH101 (What Is History: Concepts, Practices and Critiques) and LC80 (Elementary Chinese I). Timetable looks good. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays packed, Wednesdays and Fridays free for studying and other stuff.

17th August, Friday:
Went for the Singapore Fireworks Festival. ECP bridge was blocked off by the police. Heard it was because the past spectators were very rude. Singaporeans. Sigh. Found a pretty good spot to take pictures. First experience, so pictures were not as spectacular. Will learn from this. There was another ugly side to the whole experience. Shall elaborate on that in another post when I have the time. Basically, some Singaporeans are so kiasu and impatient, their stupidity leads them by the nose. Terrible.

18th August, Saturday:
Went to Lynette's birthday party. (Thank you for inviting me! Really enjoyed your party. Thanks for allowing me to experience one of the best sceneries around.) Had one of the most arguably excellent mushroom soups around. Fish & Chips were pretty high standard as well. Will definitely head back there again, camera in hand, stomach empty.

Haha. That was just a brief summary of the highlights these two weeks. It's hard to keep up with time sometimes, but I will try my best to keep this blog updated about the life I'm leading now. This may be my last schooling life, and I hope to make the best out of it.

I'm missing my best bud, daena, who's left for the US to pursue her studies. All the best there buddy. I know you'll do well, and I'll wait patiently yet again until you return. I kept my promise about keeping you updated okay! Take care of yourself, and as always, I'm just a call away. Sorry I couldn't be there when you flew off. =]

That's it for now.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Welcome To My World

Just a small experiment with the wondrous Photoshop. I'm beginning to get a better grasp of this. My first work. Kudos to wally for his inspirational John Mayer poster. It fueled me to do this. This is still in its early stages though. I might just add more things inside.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007


I've never hated car horns as much as I do right now. The amount of anger residing within me has escalated beyond healthy limits. Not that I have anything against its invention. I recognise horns as a much needed device to warn people of danger and of the likes. Without it, more people might be hit by trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles, or even bicycles. (Yes, there are horns on bicycles, although it's pretty rare now.) If you look at it this way, there should be no reason to hate it, despite the loud noises it creates.

But today, at the wee hours of the morning (7am to be precise), some very, very inconsiderate people went to do the most irritating thing I've ever heard of, literally. Having had a late night the day before, I was expectant of having a good sleep, since it is the weekend, days people have come to acknowledge as being more of rest and relaxation days. But no, I was abruptly awoken by the noise of car horns. SEVEN BLOODY CARS HORNING THE SHIT OUT OF THEM! Now, I am a man who likes his sleep, especially more so when I'm fatigued by activities of yesterdays. Understand that I am not a weakling as to despise work or school for depriving my sleeping hours, as it is my responsibility to report punctually and responsibly. But these (words that I can't express due to its vulgarity) people had to horn for no good reasons. As I woke up with an intent of a murderous rampage, I looked down from my window, wondering if there might have been a jam happening at the small roads near the multi-storey carpark. But no, it was just a group of young men in their cars making lots of noise for a wedding! From what I can infer, it was some sort of greeting to indicate that the bridegroom has arrived, coming to claim his wonderful wife. I don't know whether you would think this is romantic, but I would like to say that I'm least impressed and most annoyed.

I have no idea as to whether this is a traditional act or custom, so forgive me if that is the case, but just think about it for a second. People are enjoying their slumber, and this being a HDB area, I can bet that at least 80% of the people here have had a busy night with work, outings and/or functions, all tired, in need of physical and mental rest. Imagine how they'd feel to have their rest disturbed in that manner. Don't pretend to tell me you're alright with it. Would you truly be okay with this if you were in our shoes? I don't think so. Friends who know me, please enlighten me. Is this really a tradition? Is this really something the chinese people in Singapore do? I don't know. I'm trying not to let the anger take over me, but I am seriously pissed. Please e-mail me about this. I need to know.

So I went down, and took their plate numbers. If I feel the need to complain, at least I've got the relevant information. Please, I only ask of humanity for logical courtesy. There was another Malay wedding happening near my block. At least their noise rituals were in the afternoon, when most people are already up. (Note: MOST people.) And it wasn't nearly as loud and irritating as that of the seven car horns. If this was the USA, I'd bet a massacre would have started shortly. Sigh. Another rant in such a short time. Is the world really such a hateful place now?

[In light of this, I have refrained from actually writing a 100000 word essay as to the inconsiderate acts of people here. I don't hate this place. I dislike the small handful of people that spoil it all.]

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Homework #1: Jazz Figures

Note to self: Learn more about these people.

Pat Martino.

John Scofield.

Joey Defrancesco.

Byron Landham.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007


There's a limit as to how ugly human nature can get. Especially, when it gets ugly for the most shallow of reasons. This reasoning that some people abide to, can never be appreciated or understood by me. I am a patient man, but I cannot, for one second, stand people of the likes of irresponsibility, ignorance and impatience, and commit actions that are totally senseless, rude and illogical. Who am I referring to actually? Read on and find out.

First off, let's start with the ignorant kiasu kings and queens. I've been reading the newspapers on how some retailers are actually charging plastic bags at a mere five or ten cents each. All they ever asked was that you bring your own bag, or even a small trolley even if you find it more convenient, to offset the fact that we, Singapore, are one of the largest consumers of plastic bags, and by doing this, we are actually helping out in preventing more environmental strain than we have already done. It's scary to think that this small dot of a country in the world today, can outmatch or stand on even grounds with the United States of America in terms of plastic bag usage. So imagine my irritation to find Singaporeans being all kiasu about buying their own plastic bags to evade this idea of paying these extra charges for the plastic bags. Oh, bravo, you ingenious people. You have properly saved money by doing so. Touche. But have you ever thought of what all this movement is all about. Complaining about the price here and there, when it's just a measly amount to pay for the good of the world. If you don't want to pay, be just a little bit responsible and bring your own baggage to go shopping with. Hell, bring a baggage of your own reusable bags if that's not enough. I don't see how such a little inconvenience can cause such a furore among the community here. I understand that the cost of living here is definitely getting a little higher, but to hold on to the small five or ten cents, is just a little bit out of my league in things to die fighting for. Is it too much to ask? It's not like we were asked to drive our own garbage to the disposal plant. It's not like we were forbidden to stop using air-conditioners. It's just a bloody, re-usable, bag! Get over it. People say being kiasu is just part of a Singaporean culture. I say, it's the one of the most ugliest attribute in any kind of human, Singaporean or not.

The next group features the bus and train commuters and their rushing in habit. Racing to be in front of the doors as if it was a race for survival, they cause much inconvenience to others, as well as causing a very ugly moment to observe. Let's talk about boarding the bus. These very enthusiastic people will shove and fight their way through the crowd to get to the front doors before it opens, with the mindset that by doing so, they will highly likely get a seat, or at least, be able to board the bus. Nothing else matters as long as one of these selfish objectives are achieved. It's very rare to actually see anyone give way to the elderly or those in need to board first and have priority over the seats. Even when they can obviously see that there is definitely enough space in the bus, they still do it. It's really inconsiderate. Are our lives really that low on time that we need to rush through the most trivial of things? And in trains, it's even worse. People will rush madly for the trains like how the millions of warriors from the Persian empire wanted to invade Sparta through that small valley. There will be impatient people blocking commuters who want to get out, even when there are yellow lines to define a suitable position to let them exit first. I know that trains are pretty packed at times, but please, things do not have to turn that ugly to just board it. If everyone does their part in producing a good exit and entrance flow, in addition to trying to squeeze yourself into space, it will definitely turn out pretty easy. Problem is, it's the small group of these inconsiderate commuters that will spread the bad seeds into many other people in causing bad habits. Don't be tempted and act responsibly.

The third group of people I'd like to lash out on are drivers and pedestrians. There are many rude drivers here, even though they do have good driving skills. Trying to cut the queue at an intersection at a filter lane, irresponsibly changing lanes with terrible judgement, using high beam and modified bright head lights during night time that will inconvenience drivers ahead and in opposite lanes, stubbornly and selfishly not giving way to vehicles trying to filter into the main road, driving on the shoulder road to beat the jam, all these are just a few of the annoying things Singaporean drivers do. It is so irresponsible that I can't believe that I don't see them being brought to justice yet. The police are kind enough to not always position patrol officers every single morning to control such irresponsible acts. They are not like our school disciplinary headmasters. We are all grown adults. Act like one, before you really cause some furore or accidents among each other. All we need is just a little more patience. More accidents happen because these people do not possess such quality. And to fellow pedestrians, please do not think that you own the road. You don't know how stressful it is for drivers to actually try and avoid you. I know, because I am a licensed driver. And if you are indeed someone who owns a license, all the more you should be considerate. Do not cuss or swear when you know that it's your own fault for causing it!

I shall stop here, but know that I've only touched the shallow surface of the ugly things that happen here. While this might appear to be a rant, think about what's been mentioned. While I'm talking about the minority of groups who commit these acts, don't you think that it has more or less affected the whole community here?

All these things are very trivial things that just needs small actions to make it right. Patience, logic, understanding and selflessness are my underlying points I'm trying to make. Do we need large scale disasters to occur here before we even learn our lesson? The current generation here hasn't had a taste of mass starvation, disease and mass corruption to even fathom the worst case scenarios happening in the world. Don't complain! You have no right to even mention of it when so many countries in the world are suffering from so much natural and man-made chaos and terrible living standards. Live to make a better tomorrow for yourself, the people around you, and, most importantly, the future.

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