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Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Invisible Me

Whee, I'm back.. Well, I notice this is my 3rd time writing in 7 days.. Been lazy.. Sry!! Anyway, this whole week, I felt rather invisible.. Not tt ppl were ignoring me, but just tt I felt like I never attended school this week.. On wednesday, took early leave.. Thursday, not at school.. (For a very gd reason!! ^^ ) Friday, practically a short day.. So yeah, can't really remember anything much.. One thing's for sure.. I've not been mugging!! I should be rejoicing, alas, the thought of prelims made it sound like impending doom.. Oh well, gonna get my butt cracking tmr.. No joke..

Well, this week, gone out quite a whole lot.. It's been a long while since I did.. On tuesday, went to buy eileen's bdae gift with xr and siting.. We lingered around in bishan looking for the perfect gift to get for eileen and ching hui.. (Eileen's on thurs and ching hui's on wednesday) After much walking, and pit stops at certain food outlets, we finally got eileen some body shop stuff and a massager, in the shape of an octopus.. Hahaz.. Tt massager is really cool.. It's sold at Action City.. Great to use!! Wish I had one.. Ching hui got a body shop bag of goodies too, plus a cute photo album.. Took home all the prez, and wrapped em with my famous gift wrappers!! Heh, I got a stack of those.. I've given the same packaging to a few ppl liao.. Hee, sry guys.. I juz wanna get rid of it.. I feel my wrapping skills have improved, considering I got 4 presents to wrap tt day.. Happy birthday u guys!!

On thurs, went out with sy.. She had to go for dental appointment again, and yes, I went with her again.. It's our custom to go together most of the time, although I've missed the last one or two.. It's been quite long since I've went out with her.. Feels like eternity every passing day.. Tt's why I didn't really came to school tt day, altho I did have to wake up early to pass the birthday gifts to jas and pass a key to likai.. Darn, I was so looking forward to sleeping like a log till 10 or something.. Had fun for the day, just talking and playing with her new hp, e Samsung E600C.. Gotta say, I chose the rite one.. It's really a cool phone.. Glad to see she likes it.. After the dentistry, went PS to eat takopachi and Coro-chan's Corokke!! Wah, not bad the corokke, for my first time.. I bought the one with cheese, and sy got the sweet corn.. Gotta admit, it tastes good.. Gonna expt more with the other flavours.. We then went to my house, played a bit of guitar together.. Sy realli has improved over the 1 year I've taught her.. I'm impressed!! Makes me fall in love again juz hearing her play the songs I taught.. We then went to eileen's bdae bash at AMK Breeks.. Planned to wish eileen happy bdae for a while then leave, cos sy got prelim chem pract the next day, but we ended up staying for the whole thing.. Realli fun! After all the meals, came the bdae cake.. We wanted it to be a surprise, so jolene asked someone to ask eileen to go toilet.. We asked daena, and she was so funny trying to fake her need to go toilet.. Had a good laugh out of that.. We used this candle tt relights after every blow.. Hahaz, very cute seeing eileen blowing non-stop for many times.. So with an unfinished cake, we played "zhong qing ni ma".. (Face it guys, my chinese has a LONG way to go.. Hahaz) With every person's turn, u add something disgusting to a small piece of cake.. Guess who ate the first forfeit?? ME!! Ack, it was full of cheese cheddar, pepper, salt, sugar, chilli ketchup and, ewww, water!!!! My gosh, had a hard time eating tt forfeit!! This is my second time eating something this disgusting.. Hahaz.. Played a few more rounds, then headed for home.. Hope sy will do well for her pract..

Well, friday, sy came my house again after pract.. Watched One Piece.. Man, I'm still in love with it.. Really cool and funny.. But due to time constraints, she could only stay for 2 hours.. But it was time well spent.. ^^ Straight after tt, went ahead to watch Bourne Supremacy with the soccer guys; Darren (hail the almighty!), Darryl, Waiky, Kenneth and his fren.. Not bad the movie.. But I had a woozy head watching it.. Firstly, the camera doesn't stay still.. Secondly, I ate a Subway, Cool Cut Trio, with lotsa mustard.. Tt is one unholy combi.. Felt like puking.. So ahem, guys, pls do care for ur stomach eh.. Take it from me, u dun wanna eat tt in the movie theatres.. ;) Played pool after tt.. Man, it was great feeling the cue again.. Played like a pro.. Din even lose once.. Beginner's luck accumulated I guess?? Hee.. Stayed out and reached home by 2.. Tired..

Today, juz went to buy our guitar TIC (Teachers-in-charge) their teacher's day gift with xinyu, liping and grace at Bugis.. I was dead tired from yesterday, so I was not my normal lame self.. Heh, sry guys.. Anyway, bought some really cool gifts.. Hope they'll like it.. Oh, found this comic shop which sells the expensive english comics at a lower price there.. Gonna get em once I have money..

Well, tt sums up this week.. Tt's long yar?? Ok, me tired.. Cyaz..

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