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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Yoz to one and all.. Heyz, hope u like this fresh new look.. I've been wanting to change to this setting for quite a long time now.. I would like to thank Weilien for this.. U've been a big help! Ok, now I feel good abt blogging.. Gonna get cracking!!

Today is Teacher's Day, and man, as expected, the dance was not as good as I hoped it would be.. Firstly, where are the gals man?!?!? Hahaz.. I ended dancing wit Likai.. Ok, if u consider my foots moving by at most 1 cm as dancing, yeah, tt's wad I danced.. Likai kinda forgot the dance moves oso, so I tried doin some of my own.. Foiled in the end.. (><) Councillors danced gd tho.. Bravo!

K, then came the performance.. I was more impressed with the group of hip-hop dancers consisting of teachers and students.. Tt was cool, esp Miss Cara Chew.. She's got some hot stuff tt lil hobbit.. Cute too.. I found myself inexplicably laughing watching her go.. Mr Seah stole the show, and lotsa laughs for wrong reasons obviously.. ;) Oh, wanna take this opportunity to thank Dae for giving me those posters at the end of the day.. I really like em, and it was nice of ya to give it to me as it was the last pair.. I'm forever in debt.. I'll find u a better one!!

And at the end of it, came the presentation of gifts to our dear teachers.. K, taken tt I din get any prez this year cos I was busy yesterday doin some guitar club cards for our beloved teachers-in-charge, Mr Bernard Wong (Mr "WAH!". Private joke..) and Mrs Tan.. I drew the pics on the card.. It's been a long time since I drew cartoons, and drawing kid versions of both of em was kinda fun, tho I was tired at the time doin it, alas, creativity was at an all-time low.. Wish I was able to draw some more stuff for it.. Anw, they kinda liked our prez in the end.. Took a pic for memory.. Never will I forget thee.. Mr Dennis Lim Ban Chuan, muahahahahahaz!! Tt guy ar, special.. We gave him a very cheap BUT meaningful prezzy.. A H2O bottle with a box worth of SMINT in the bottle.. Hahaz.. The colour was, ahem, puke-a-fiably intimidating.. It took him a while to notice it, and he was a gd sport not to be disappointed.. U see, the reason behind this prez, was tt last time we plotted him.. There was a time when my classmate, Andy, was holding Mr Lim's bottle.. I happened to have SMINT tt day.. Then I juz started to be naughty and tot of putting a smint inside.. I mean, on the good side, there's flavouring to the plain water in the H2O water bottle Mr Lim usually carries.. ^^ Anw, he din notice, until he drank tt is.. Tt was horribly funny.. He was giving this eyebrow-raising expression at first, but continued drinking.. We tried containing the laughter until he actually choked on the SMINT, then swallowed it.. The whole class was laughing like *tut*.. So tt goes our SMINT saga, hence leading us to this prez.. This is something I'll never forget him for, neither will he.. (^^:)

Then headed to Welien's house to play guitar, do the revamping of the blog, watched AVP (ok, it's still quite nice.. Predators rock!! they're unbelievably cool!!), then geared up for a heavyweight match between the 3 of us.. Who's the 3?? Me, weily, darren.. We planned to eat Sakae Sushi buffet tt day, and treat it like Olympics, cos hey, it's the current craze.. Hee.. Anw, it was a close match.. In the end, we all ate 14 plates each.. NO, tt's defintely not our limit!! Just tt the sushi tasted disgusting as you continued.. Omg, it was horrible.. So to stop this torture, we all settled on a decision: all take the gold medal!! We tied each other purposely and purposefully at 14 plates.. Hope to have another stomach match btw 3 of us.. There can onli be one!! K, our stomachs bloated like hell, and couldn't laugh when Weily cracked a joke.. So I wondered, how the hell does Santa laugh so much with tt 8 month pregnant stomach?! Anw, darren tot I asked why Santa laughed so much, so he gave this reply: Cos he knows where all the bad girls are.. (><) Bwahahaz.. Stupid.. We managed to pull some laughter to tt.. Having stomachs tt could make Santa run for his money, we left and headed home cos, it's hard to move ard.. Now I know a bit of how pregnant women feel.. =P

K, been studying.. I'm more determined than ever now.. Wanna get tt good progress award!! Muahahaz.. Tmr gonna get out and study.. Hope no distractions.. Cyaz guys and work hard! Jia you!! \(^^)/

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