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Sunday, September 26, 2004


Ok, here's the inexplicable truth.. On my way home here on Sep 6, I was abducted by cute lil rabbit aliens, tied me up and brought me into their nice fuzzy spaceship!! I was unconscious from then till now.. Gosh!! Aren't u guys glad I'm back and running?? ^^

Okok, I've been lazy, but hey, prelims sure had me on edge.. Well, gonna be the last final exam in NYJC anw, so wad the heck, give it ur bez shot.. I won say I did my bez, but I know wad I need to do during the A's.. So yeah, mental strategies (i'm kinda of a strategy guy cos i luvvv strategy games..) for the A's are layed out.. Enuff bout the prelims.. Wouldn't wanna get into a coma again.. =P

Since the prelims were over, I've been having fun, so much so I look like a hot piece of glowing red charcoal.. Yup, I'm red and black, juz like my fav colours.. (Why I like those colours?? Red: Juz bright and resembles passion.. I believe in it.. Black: Death and fear.. Kinda funny, but yeah, I used to imagine I was the prince of darkness.. Hee, u'll be surprised to hear my adventures in my younger years..) Anw, tt's cos I've been playing soccer for 2 days in a row now.. 7-hours-straight-up-no-slacking-soccer at NYJC under the scorching sun for 2 freaking days.. Oof, it's been months since I played soccer, or anything physical t all, for real.. Getting rusty.. Anw it was fun, with both the soccer guys and my team on separate occasions.. I juz luv hanging out with em.. Even tho we dun see each other often, guys like us always talk cock!! Tt's the fun in all of this.. Ahem, gals, strictly restricted from our conversations k.. For ur own safety.. ^^;

Been reading comics again, and whoa, was it good!! (Ok, so I'm a nut for comics..) I read Prince of Tennis, Fruits Basket and Deathnote.. Prince of Tennis and Fruits Basket are cool, but Deathnote, whoa, tt was ABSOFRAGGINLUTELY AWESOME!! Such creative plots, twists and turns, intellectual play of characters.. Man, is the creator a genius or wad?! Anw, tt's why I've been sleeping late nights again.. Missing tv too.. But well worth my time.. Anw, it's not often I get to read a variety of comics, since I'm not linguistic in chinese wadsoever.. More fuel for my passion to learn chinese.. Still dun understand why you guys say chinese lang sux!!
If u're wondering where my luv for chinese began, well, it began early.. Since young, I was immersed in a chinese environment.. Punggol Primary, Zhonghua Secondary, Nanyang JC, they were juz dominated by chinese peeps, thus chinese friends have always been around me.. Not tt I'm complaining, they're really a great bunch!! I juz got induced I guess.. But on a personal note, I find chinese very interesting too.. Gonna grow me a long beard, look like Confucius and speak CHINESE!! Hahaz.. (Eww, no way abt the beard dude!!)
Hmm, recently, I've been in space mode again in my mind.. Juz wondering the wonders of life.. This time, it's about language.. Language and speech can be beautiful things, but it's redundant if there's no one to express it to.. I mean, wad's the use?? If u keep talking to a wall and find it amusing, tt's gotta be a screw loose somewhere in ur mainframe.. I'm juz glad knowing I have lotsa interesting friends around me, and everytime, there's always something good to talk about and share.. There's ppl like mark, likai, khang, weily, val, khairul, daena, lots more, and certainly my dear, who always bring a smile in my life.. K, not always.. I dun expect them to be my "Eternal Servants Of Maddy Entertainment Channel".. It's juz tt, thru thick and thin, this mix of emotions, I won't want to forget them.. Thx guys.. Juz wanna let u all know it's been always my honour to know ya guys thru school life.. Even with the coming death of our school years together, nothing's gonna change our friendship..

Relationships are juz wonderful.. Even tho it's been a year tt me and ying were together, there have been rough winds and smooth sailing.. I juz realized tt maybe thru all the pain and joy, in the end, rediscovering the fire tt started it will surely bring u back to senses.. Sometimes, a lil push from ur frenz really help too.. (Thx!!) I'm so blissed to have u guys around me.. I've been stupified lately, but I'm not gonna be anymore.. I'll take it one by one.. Ying, thx so much for all the times we've been thru.. Happy One Yeay Anniversary.. And tho I was disapointed we couldn't go out due to prelims, at least it was good enuff to know you're still here with me.. Luv ya!!

Well, tt kinda sums up what I'm feeling rite now.. I'll try to stay out of a coma for now.. Hee.. See you guys in school tmr!! Buaiz!!

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