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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Comic Fiesta

Hoho!! Tadaima!! (means I'm home in Jap..) Sry if some of u guys think I dun update much or anything, but I'm basically a sloth when it comes to blogging.. I onli do it when I have the inspiration, (a burst of light shines ontu me while i stare at the scintillating view..), or, when I damn bo liao like now.. Hahaz..

Okok, lemme start where I left off.. I juz had my worst mugging experiece at Toa Payoh library on wednesday.. I mean, seriously, for a library, it sounded more like an airplane field.. Damn noisy, worst than in NYJC, which, ahem, is considerably noisy.. But NYJC not as bad as this.. There's damn loud ring tones, damn loud aunties who prefer to talk in the library than out of it, (and talking loudly to add to that), girls who juz kept blabbering nonsense as if I asked them for a radio talk show that day, and announcements in libraries to add the noise pollution in my ear drum.. Bahx!! It was a nice experience studying wit V6, tho short.. After tt went out with sy to get her cousin a prez.. It's his birthday tt day, and he was gonna treat the family steamboat.. (T-T) Lucky girl.. Hahaz.. (Hope he likes the prez we chose.. And hope u had a nice time too!!)

I pon school halfway on thurs.. Not worth coming at all.. Only attended Math lect.. Decided to study at first, budden dunno how I ended at Weily's house.. (Nope, he din drug me.. Hahaz..) Well, as expected, din study much.. We ended doin a whole lot of shit, like watching Saturday Night Live.. Tt show rocks man!! Stupid impersonations of famous stars and much more.. We kept downloading, and laughed the day away.. I like the impersonation of Sean Connery in Celebrity Jeopardy.. Tt was awesome.. Not only the accent, but the humour in it all.. "Trebek!!".. U'll understand this word when u download their videos.. Remember, it's Celebrity Jeopardy.. Check it out.. U can ask me if u wan.. Oh, somehow I slept on Weily's bed.. Oh man, tt pervert went and took my picture while I was asleep.. Basket!! The I was awaken by him, cos his fren told him to.. Hahaz.. I even posed in front of his webcam for his friend.. Kinda fun, but coulda used more sleep.. I was so tired that day..

Been slacking till today.. I've been reading the entire comic collection of NARUTO.. Ooh, nice nice.. It took me till today to finish 229 chapters of it.. It's damn cool, esp this character called Kakashi.. All u NARUTO fans out there, I applause u.. This is such a great comic.. I can't stop reading from the beginning to the end.. Only sleep was my benefactor.. Too bad this manga is limited in english, and with expensive tags attached to it.. Dang!! Well, hail the internet.. I've found alternatives to tt handicap.. Hahaz.. I'm gonna learn chinese after A Levels, so no prob soon..

Hey, I've been wondering.. What's the difference between friendship and relationship at our age?? Can anyone answer me this?? I'm just a bit curious now.. Well, tt's it for now.. Gonna slack my night away!! Buaiz!!

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