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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Access Denied

Harrow guys.. Hmm, lately, I've been trying to log into this blog of mine, but for some reason, I dun get to log into it.. Hence, my absence from the blogging world.. Oh well, that's juz the way it is I guess..

This week has been one full of laughs.. I've been into "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and "Saturday Night Live".. Have u ever wondered, "How do these guys do tt?!?!?" Take a look at Whose Line Is It Anyway.. The usual cast I see include Ryan Stiles (my fav!!), Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie (hahaz.. this guy is a sad case.. even his name is full of "mockery".. 2nd fave).. These guys come on every week doing unscripted acts of some of the dumbest things any actor would want to have a role as.. I mean, who'd wanna act as "Various Celebrities Who Gets Steamrolled"?? Or "A Foal Being Born"?? Or sing songs about accounting, birth, and anything lame in particular.. These guys are comedic and musical geniuses.. Don't know what I mean?? Get cracking mister!! Go download those videos.. You'll know it's worth it.. If u're ever interested, come to me.. I have quite a funny bit of those.. =)

Ok, so I've been oversleeping lately and coming late for school, but hey, which comes first? Definitely sleep!! I can never go on a studying spree in school if I was half awake the whole day.. I'd rather be at my best than struggle with my dear tormented soul which squeaks in my mind, "Dude, where's the bed?!?!" =P Sleep is definitely one of my favourite hobbies.. Why, there's also full time entertainment while I'm at it.. Every dream has been rather fun and weird consecutively.. Shall not reveal the details, but oh man, does it make u wonder whether your dreams and reality does share a common link.. I get a lot of deja vu feelings, like some parts of my life really came out straight from my dreams.. In my younger years, whatever I dreamt mostly do come out.. Tt was unbelievably nerve-wrecking.. But I try not to think abt it.. Anw, one of my weirdest "scary" dreams was tt of a giant dinosaur which kept chasing me downslope.. Behind me was a boulder too.. Ok, dunno how tt got there, but wth, I was running for dear life.. I dun wanna be stomped!! Anw, I dreamt abt tt a lot when I was in primary school, around P5 tt time.. I always wake up at the part where the dinosaur finally splat me after i was rolled over by the boulder.. With sweat all over, I was crying, in fear and confusion, that it disturbed my parents.. They'd usually calm me down with water, and it'll take me 10 mins or so to finally calm down and fall back into a sleeping trance.. Ha, imagine dreaming being stomped by a dinosaur over and over again (with tt stupid boulder) most nights.. Lol, well, thinking back, I did think wad a nut I was to dream such stuff.. I guess everyone has their own special dream to share.. ^^;

Oh, I juz remembered about the term "mins".. When I was in primary school (Punggol Primary School to be precise), I had this lame math teacher called Mr Lau I think.. He told us never ever to write "mins".. Why?? With a serious expression, he said the govt had said tt "mins" undermines you, as u are asking "Am I An Ass??".. =_= Being the obedient children that we are, we took it seriously, with that reasoning in mind.. I guess he wanted to joke with us.. Well, hahaz, I finally understood ur intentions.. ^^

Ok, here's a riddle for you:

"Once upon a time, in a prosperous kingdom of Maryland, there was a princess named Mary.. She was the smartest princess around, having read every single book and word in the world.. Why, she was a walking dictionary herself, able to know and pronounce words correctly every single time, except for one.. Which word is she always pronouncing incorrectly??"

Well, try hard guys.. Something to work that mind of yours.. Ok, guess that's it for my window of expression.. Back to reality, where the dungeon of work awaits my unwilling return.. May I survive this ordeal.. ^^

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