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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Burn, CD Burn!!

Hey all.. I juz came back from a trip to bugis.. Was there flexing my brain muscles with jose.. Studying sure was a drag, but at least I had accomplished something for a tad bit.. Went shopping a bit at DDP.. I think tt place is closing down, cos all the clothes there are now damn cheap.. Shelves empty, I guess they're having a closing down sale.. Clothes aren't too bad, so check it out ASAP guys.. Prices range around 10 bucks..

Today, me and jose came to talk about paranormal activities.. You know, all those ghost stuff.. Inspired by the initial topic of Incredible Tales (shown every Sat on Channel 5, 10 pm), we were immersed in a lot of theories and experiences.. For one thing, I do not deny their existence.. Cos I too have had a paranormal encounter.. But it's gonna be funny, I warn you.. ^^ Shall move on to that later.. Our brain is such a powerhouse.. It is found that we only use 5% of it's full capacity.. Imagine the possibilities if the brain was fully endorsed by us.. I believe that the 95% subconsciously is able to create these paranormal activities.. It is possible.. If 5% is enough to make us think, and behave normally, how can 95% of it compare to creations of paranormal events?? Since so many ppl believe in the paranormal, the combined power supplies energy for such events.. Take for example, in the middle ages, where Greek mythology of Greek gods such as Thor or Zeus exists.. Due to strong beliefs of the Greeks, there have been tales and stories of recollection of Gods and the events tt follow, be it of a miraculous or tragedic scale.. But as time passed by to what we have now, the beliefs have dwindled.. No such events ever occur.. Don't you find it strange tt the less people believe, the less some things tend to occur?? Sure, this might be just one example, but if you juz sit and think about it, there are still more around us.. The human mind is stronger than you think.. Why do you think there exists people who can move things with their minds or kill a frog with juz thinking of it?? (I'm serious guys.. It did happened..)

I believe that in everyone of us, there exists a limitor to our brain.. We are allowed to use 5% of our total brain capacity cos humans are irresponsible creatures to power.. This is supported by history.. There always lies the inner desire for the ultimate power.. That's just human nature, like it or not.. But stop and think, if we did have full access to our brain power, what could we do?? Telepathy, telekinesis, and doing anything by just thinking about it.. Yes, it's possible.. Even causing the deaths of other people, juz by thinking about it.. Now tt's scary.. Only a minority of people have gone beyond the 5% limit.. These are what you all call the psychics, or something like that.. Well, all these things interest me.. I wonder what science can explain in the near future.. There are a lot of things I wanna know, yet, there's just so little time in my lifetime.. All I can do now is wonder.. =P

Well, about my ghost story, this happened when I was in Pri 4/5.. I lived in Hougang Ave 10, Blk 416.. There was one time I was all alone at home, but it was about noon.. I took a bath, and while I was wearing my undies, I felt something touch my butt.. It felt like an electric shock, but it definitely felt like someone touched me there.. I turned around, feeling scared, and shouted, "Anyone there?!?!" Of course, no one was home.. Well, ok, my butt was touched, hahaz, but hey, I juz wanna share this.. I was freaked out then.. =X

Oh, after all the studying, went to Sim Lim to scout for my CD writer.. Hmm, I'm gonna get it tmr, so getting kinda excited.. Finally, I can transfer some of my files and songs elsewhere.. My comp is now a pathetic 500 MB or less left.. Now that is really -_- .. To all the people I've promised to burn something, I shall finally fulfill your wishes.. Sry it took so long.. ^^;

Well, all is for the better now.. Don't wanna think too much into these paranormal stuff.. Got A Levels.. Man, I'm getting sick of it.. To everyone I've talked to, for everything I wished to do, I always have to repeat the same phrases of promising them "After A's".. Man, I'm sick of this phrase.. This is juz my Sick, Sad Little World I guess.. Well, tt's juz the fact, so I have to live with it.. Let's get down and dirty.. Buaiz!!

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