La Musique

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Burning Hot!

* Star Wars Theme Song*

Darth Vader appears before his enemy, Luke Skywalker, with his light saber, looking all serious for a final showdown to show who's boss.. Alas, as all bad guys do, they can't keep their mouth shut before a final fight.. All prepared with the light saber pointed to Luke, he finally revealed to Luke something so inexplicably wrong, something so unacceptable that it took Luke by surprise!! Darth Vader said:



Hello all.. Ok, dun start bishing me with your poles or fists or wadeva for just wasting your time with the first few lines.. Hahaz.. I'm really happy la!! I finally got my CD Burner after so damn long.. It just brings me to tears.. Hahaz.. I've used it to burn 5 Cds already in less than a day.. Wow, it rocks.. It really does.. Although I'm not burning at the max speed of 32X, it's still fast enuff.. Yup yup.. Well, juz wanted to release all this excitement on the blog.. I duun really wanna blog today.. Just dropping by to say I've not been abducted by cute fuzzy lil rabbit aliens again like last time.. ^^ (read one of my previous posts) Well, back to work.. Cyaz.. And CD BURNERS ROX!!

5:05 PM