La Musique

Saturday, October 23, 2004


Hey, I was wondering, if you had to choose between 3 cars, what would it be??

Car 1: Drives on land and underwater
Car 2: Drives on land and in the air
Car 3: Drives in the air and underwater

Note for Car 3, it won't ever drive on land.. Hmm, why I asked such a redundant question?? Well, juz a thought really in my weird mind.. Anyway, these cars really do exist.. Check em out at Doesn't show Car 3 tho..

Well, blogging out of curiousity.. Me?? I'd choose Car 3.. The world might be flooded anyway, so no land there.. Well, I do really hope I'm wrong about the flooding.. (Choy!!) K, nitez all.. Cyaz..

1:41 AM