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Saturday, October 16, 2004


Heyz.. Man, it's been like 2 days since the graduation day, and still, I miss all of you.. All of you meaning all of you la.. Everyone I know in NYJC, you've been real good to me.. There's been so much fun, laughter, mockery, ji siao-ing, teasing, running, playing, chatting going on thruout.. Haiz, it's not like I won't see you again, but I'm juz gonna miss those times in NYJC, like it or not.. You guys are simply the best!! Let's keep in touch ya?? Hmm, add me in MSN if ya can.. Mine is Be sure to tell me who you are.. ^^

Ok, so graduation day was kinda boring at first.. First of all, I woke up at 6:15 thinking I'd be late for it, so I rushed and rushed, and I huffed and I puffed, and got to school by 7.. Guess wad?? When I reached there, my friend told me we were supposed to reach at 830.. And I like had this -_- face all over.. Hahaz.. Ok, so it's kinda my fault for not coming to school tt week.. (Woke up late again!! Wad can I say?? Sleeping is a passionate thing for me.. ^^) So I called weilien, and used the bait of playing guitar in the guitar room to lure him down.. Heh.. It worked, so we played songs in there, like Tribute by Tenacious D, John Mayer and some more of his own songs.. Gotta admit, it's quite nice.. (I'll add some lead guitar parts to it after A's) Samantha joined us soon after, playing drums.. Man, she was awesome!! I liked the way she played.. Samantha is pro!! So by 830, all drenched out from playing, we went our separate ways and I met up with Likai.. Got banged by Waiky a bit.. (Damn him!! Lol..) Sat with the class guys and listened to speeches, speeches and more speeches.. Oh, Likai was naughty as usual, and took my photo by surprise.. I was like stunned cos of the flash.. IDIOT!! Hahaz.. I like Sarap's (dunno if I spelled correctly) speech.. Totally interactive and funny.. ^^

Ok, then came the photo fest!! Oh man, this was the most fun part of the day.. Took a lot of class pics, as well as pics with Mr Dennis Lim Ban Chuan (chem teacher.. my fav!!) and Mr Mark Lim (our CT teacher).. I carried D Lim for a photo, and he was damn pai seh.. U can find the pic in the NYJC website, I even let him sit on me.. Hahaz.. Funny guy.. Of course, I do respect him.. He's one of the best teachers I've seen.. He definitely gets my vote for teacher of the year!! Lessons are always fun with him.. Anw, after tt was our last CT period.. Got our prelim result slips, took more photos, and got a special CD from Mark Lim.. He's very nice.. Super!! He made a CD as a farewell gift for us.. In it are the pics of all the classes he taught in the 2 years with us.. Nicely choreographed and beautiful layout, it brought me close to tears watching it.. Thx so much for the 2 years, tho I've not been a perfect student.. You really are a great teacher.. So after tt, played soccer with the guys, since the class had no outing.. Had fun while it lasted.. Miss u all!!

Here are my thx:
Weilien - For always being there to lame, have fun, esp cup noodles and guitar
Mark - For making me laugh my hardest everyday
Likai - For making life hard and enjoyable for me, u lil bugger!!
Khang - For always being so nice and reliable
Junwen - For being the lamer and joker of the class.. Thx for the laughs!!
Andy - For always laughing, with or without a reason.. It brought smiles
Glen - For the help u've brought me, as well as being the lil bugger tt u are
Guitar Club - For all the fun we've been thru.. It was the greatest!!
Daena - For being there for me, and for always lighting up my life
Xiangru - For bringing the laughs and fun in NYJC
Derrick - For being a great "dad" and for the laughs
Kexin - For all the crazy ideas
Richard - For the laughs and enlightenment you've given me thru all the years
Grace - For being richard's light in his life
Russell - You nut!!
Choonguan - For being the nicest guy around, and the laughs
Waikien and co - Thx for the gayness in everything.. Hahaz
Jasmine - For the days we go to school together.. The journeys were never boring
Joseph - For all the soccer and fun we've had thru the years, all e bez with kee k!!
Kee - For being jose's light of his life
Weijie (Guitarist) - For the woodstock
Weijie (Rugby) - For poling me.. Damn u!! Hahaz
Siting - For being crazy in everything u do.. Laughs are common!!
Guan Ming - You are crazy dude!!
Yu Chern - For MGS2, and also being a great fren
Eufai - For all the punny conversations
Khairul - For being the king of lamers.. You're one damn lamer!!
Brian - For being one of the coolest guys I know
Elizabeth - For being crazy
John - For the crazy handshakes and the fun we had
Fabian - For being one of the nicest guys in NYJC
Alan - For being one of life's endangered species, being funny!! And lovin one piece!!
David - For all the gayness you've brought
Ying Heng - For helping carry those stupid platforms.. Tt was a horrible exp!!

The list is juz too long.. I'll update it if I can.. Basically, a big thank you to all.. NYJC wouldn't have been better without you!!

Ok, enuff of the mushy stuff.. Buaiz for now.. Keep in contact!!

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