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Monday, October 25, 2004

It's All About The Physics

Had my physics prac today.. It was ok I guess, not too hard not too easy.. But good enuff to make me feel good.. And finally, I managed to finish a physics practical in the amt of time given.. Hahaz.. Miracle.. All those times before during the practicals in nanyang, I've never finished one prac in my life.. Today was juz good.. =) Well, hope it's good enuff to bring me good results for the A's.. I know luck's juz not enuff for A's, so I gotta work hard!! Muz get A for at least 2 subjects!! Tt's my goal.. I realized getting 3 As might be a bit unrealistic.. Oh well, work work work!!

Finally got to see mark again today.. Man, it's been a while eh.. Haven't heard ur laughter in dunno how long le.. Missed it.. It was fun hanging out wit ya again.. We juz gotta hang out after A's dude.. I was thinking of a sleepover at ur house?? Hahaz.. Ask the guys along too.. ^^

Well, nothing much happened soon after.. Went home, slacked for the day.. Juz for today I guess.. It's never a good thing to pressurize urself every waking day.. Tmr is back to my schedules I guess..

Yest went to Wheelock Place to study with jose.. Chose the Coffee Bean as our studying grounds.. Although the table was a tad small, it made me realize tt no matter how big a table you get, if you dun put ur mind into what u're doing, nothing will be learnt.. Yup, with tt little small table, I fulfilled much more than the dining table in my house.. (I'm tellin u, it's BIG) Song!! Anw, after tt, we had a bit of R&R by checking out the ManU shop nearby.. It looked kinda nice, tho I'm not a bug ManU fan.. One thing's for sure, the clothes were nowhere near nice, but the material was ace!! Juz wad u'd expect from Nike.. ^^ (Shopping craze coming over!!) We juz ventured into unknown territory soon after tt, going placecs where no man has ever been, in Orchard of course.. Somehow, we ended up at Tanglin Mall.. Hmm, tt place is a treasure chest!! So many things there juz opened my eyes!! Of course, not a young'un in sight.. I guess not many ppl know of this place cos of its troublesome location.. Maybe next time you guys shud check it out urself.. No form of words can describe tt place.. Oh, be sure to check out the surrounding buildings on the way there..

Well, enuff for now.. Gotta rest up for tmr.. Can't wait for it to come btw.. My fav comics coming out!! I'm gonna buy 5 comics tmr.. Man, I'm so so broke.. Cyaz!!

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