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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Whoa, I almost lost the most impt thing to me tt I hold most dear for.. Yupz, it's my keychain, the one sy gave to me when we first started out.. Whoa, I was close to tears juz scolding myself of how irresponsible I am to have lost such a thing.. It started with me, jose and raye eating at a hawker centre juz near jose's house.. Stomachs full, juz kinda left tt place, and guess I juz completely forgot my key.. And I only realised this when I got home.. Feelin angry and lost, I walked all the way back, juz hoping some good soul would save me from this hell.. Turns out it was worth the effort.. The hawker peeps really kept the keychain for me.. I was smiling so much walking towards it.. Hee, it was TT important.. So yeah, I'm gonna repay tt hawker place someday man.. Like make a big donation or create a tribute song for em.. For saving one of life's most impt things to me.. ^^

Well, nothing's up recently.. Juz been studying day in day out.. There's juz nothing tt would excite me anymore.. At the end of a day of studying, my face will look like Droopy.. -_- Ok, it's for a good cause, but I'm hoping for A's to finish soon.. Juz wanna have fun all day long, esp with sy!! (Watch out man!! We're gonna go out like hell!!)

I juz found out my NS enlistment date.. It's on 8 Jan.. I've been posted to the army, and my reporting time is 1245, BMTC 2.. Found out tt me and glen are gonna be there at the same day and time.. Hope we can be in the same unit.. Glen's presence will surely make this exp a much glorious feat.. Guan Ming's on the same day too, but not sure if he's gg in at the same time as me.. Hope so, cos the more the merrier.. Tt bugger was saying how good it was if we were in the same platoon, so tt he can see my "bee hive".. Hahaz.. Pervert.. I dun wanna see ur pencil la.. Not worth it.. =P

Check the site out.. It has interesting facts there, and much more.. Luv it!!

Ok guys, enuff blogging.. To all the bio ppl takin prac tmr in NYJC, good luck guys.. Wishing you all the bez!!

10:40 PM