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Saturday, October 09, 2004

White Chicks


Well, juz came back from a midnite movie.. Whoa, it's been a long time since I had one.. The last was with my Zelva frenz, when we watched The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King.. Well, this time, me, xr, siting went to cele edmund's bdae.. Heh.. A whole lot of crap happened.. Went to junction 8 to watch the white chicks, but we were supposed to meet at 9.. Hmm, edmund was oredi there, when he's supposed to reach at 10.. But anws, with plans foiled, and our host siting late, hmm, we juz crapped thru.. Bought him a tub full of Haagen Daaz Cream and Cookies ice cream.. We had to sit in front of a baby store to eat tt, which by tt time, closed.. Sang his birthday song quite loudly.. I guess sitting near the toilets amplified our song.. ^^ Then sat at the cinema there for like one and a half hours juz talking, telling ghost stories, love story, and edmund's long jokes.. Noticed edmund had a lab coat with him (since he's taking the bio-something course..) and every1 decided to pose in it.. Kinda funny, cos it stinked and we were trying to pull straight faces.. Xr desperately asked me to take a snap quick, as she tahan-ed the smell.. Hahaz.. Cute.. I posed as if I was superman.. If only I knew how to post pics on this blog.. (Hint hint.. WEILIEN, TEACH ME!!)

Well, time flew, alas, it was time.. Saw this trailer of a movie called "Taxi".. Seems kinda cool and funny.. I'll be sure to catch it.. It's about a cop (Jimmy Fallon) who can't drive and needs to hire a taxi to catch criminals.. (oO:) Ok, kinda weird, but after viewing the scenes, I think it'll be worth the money.. As for White Chicks, holy mama, I was laughing throughout.. I was wrong about this movie.. Initially, I'd be against any movie whereby there will be a gender mix-up, but this is worth the mix.. Had a whole lot of laugh on that one.. It all ended at 2, and xr had a car to pick her up while the rest of us had to hail a taxi.. Man, I'm absofragginlutely gonna learn driving!! This, my friends, is the only difference between a man and a boy.. Hahazz.. Not beers thank you.. Imagine, me, driving.. Ahhh.. Bliss.. Next time you guys go out late, you can juz give me a call.. I'll use it as an excuse to drive.. ^^ After A's, I'm gonna take the theory ASAP.. Hope I dun enrol into the army too early.. That'd be a major bummer..

So, kinda getting sleepy here, so I'll stop.. Had fun today.. Must pay back with studying tmr.. Nitez all!!

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