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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

9233 Fever

Mathematics can be a fun thing to do, if you know your formulas well.. It's like completing an almost completed jigsaw puzzle, where u need tt one last piece to fit into that final spot.. The only obstacle to that is finding the piece itself.. Once you've found it, the rest is smooth sailing.. That's how I felt for the Math paper yesterday.. I must say tt this paper was by far one of the weirdest I've come through yet, but tt's not gonna stop me from my 3 As dream.. I've thought hard for every question, and I get this rewarding feeling when I've finally found that jigsaw piece to complete the puzzle for each question.. There were 15 jigsaw pieces to lift, and I managed to do just tt for at least 13 of them confidently.. Still, tt looming feeling of uncertainty drags me down the sewer.. I don't wish to bo overcondifent, but I'm juz glad tt I did everything tt I could to do the paper.. I'm satisfied, so hope the satisfaction boomerangs back..

I was very irritated that I forgot to bring my liquid paper.. Man, liquid papers are a must in Math exams.. Sure, you can cancel with those lines or curvy wurvy waves, but I'm just a neat freak.. I like my answers clean and presentable thank you.. Courtesy for the marker so tt his eyeballs won't leap out if he sees an "impossible" answer sheet.. Anw, so there I was, like playing a PS2 game which says sudden death.. 1 mistake and you're dead mister.. I took every question seriously, not writing a single mistake except for 1, which really pissed me off cos I had to re-write the whole answer again, and tt took quite some time.. Din deter me much tho, so everything else was kind of smooth sailing for me except the last question.. I did the vectors question.. Although I'm not really an ace at it, it's better than hanging yourself with the Differential Equation shit.. Seriously, those types of questions give me the headaches..

I realize tt I am like a zombie after exam papers.. I juz can't bring myself to think anymore.. Well, this is the A levels.. Mental draining sure beats the crap out of you.. I bet I got lotsa bruises in my brain rite now.. But during tt exam, I was still sick, and getting even more so as time went past.. Struggled with fever throughout, with flu by its side plus coughing.. Haiz.. Well, made it through, and tt's wad matters..

You know, I get this feeling that computers suck the life right out of you.. You stare at the monitors for hours, entranced by whatever you're doing now, be it games or surfing.. At the end of it, you'll feel a bit stupified, and can't really remember things straight.. The days when I wasn't reliant on computers was the time I was mostly like myself.. Now, I can't really remember much of my past.. Too much time on computers I guess.. It'll come back to me, in a snail's pace.. Well, as long as it comes back!! So a word of advice peeps.. Dun stare too long into the comp.. It's really bad, trust me..

Today my fren Darryl is going to Turkey.. Funny thing is tt he msged me out of nowhere to say he's gg, which I din know to where until the today itself.. (It made me think of a suicidal msg.. U know, tt farewell to life thingy.. CHOY!!) Well, wishing you all the best over there.. Enjoy the overseas trip man, away from the Orchard and Somersets, the boring places we see every living days of our repeated lives.. Nevertheless, there's always the good and bad side of things.. I nv forget tt.. ^^

Am gonna rest now.. Gonna stock up for tmr's studying schedule.. Gonna climb from the bottom of the alphabets to the top.. Z to A baby!! Nitez all..

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