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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

R.I.P. Math, Hello Spidey!!

Today finally marked the death of Math for my whole NYJC life.. Can't believe everything's going so fast right now, but I'm glad it's over.. That makes one more small step to freedom I guess.. Can't wait for my holidays to come, yet I can't enjoy it if I don't make a good effort on the A Levels.. You know, tt sense of guilt that you never did this or did that during that time.. I don't want that to happen, and bug me for the rest of my life after A Levels till the results are released.. I wanna please myself, as well as live up to the high expectations people placed on me.. I am one of the eldest in my family group, so I have to set the standards right.. It's tough, but that's life I guess.. It's not that it's fated this way.. I've juz chosen this responsibility..

Anyway, about the Math Paper 2.. If you look at it, this paper was not really all that difficult, save for question 27 and the CRV question before that.. Man, I know I just suck at CRV, and I was hoping it will come out as an optional question.. Well, too bad for me it didn't.. So I tried my hardest for the CRV question, only to find out tt I had misread the question after the paper.. I must really be tired cos I din noticed they were asking for E(root square X).. Wad the hell man.. -_- Anw, I didn't placed too much hopes on it tho, so I did tedious checks on the other questions to make sure they're top notch.. Hope I did my checks well.. I was close to panic mode at the beginning of the paper.. I looked at the first question, and man, I was really stuck.. It seemed so easy, yet I couldn't think.. Not trying to waste too much time on that, I moved on to the next question and started to get my pace.. I was enjoying it in the end, as I remembered how much I loved math, right from primary school.. It was always my strong point.. So yeah, finishing the paper ahead of time, I managed to think through carefully over the first question and finally cracked it.. Making final checks, calculation mistakes, handwriting, workings, I finally eased myself when the time was up.. Just in time.. The fact that I didn't feel all that lost after the paper was a good sign.. Hope it IS a good sign.. ^^ So rest in peace my dear math counterpart.. It's been fun.. Muahahahahaz!!

I went to school yesterday.. I was there to study, cos I don't really put too much trust in me studying at home.. Firstly, my room is in an aboslute mess and there's practically no space for me to study.. Secondly, even if it did, my chair is shit-inducing.. I dunno how, but I tend to shit at a remarkable rate juz sitting on it for long.. (Damn, I have tt feeling right now cos I'm sitting on it now.. -_-) Third, just like everyone else, it's too comfy at home.. Really, I can slack more than a sloth at home.. I'd make an embarassment of them.. Hahaz.. Anyway, I found out that Weilien and co were there too.. So bags packed, I set out to the land of brownies..

It was really fun hanging out with the guys again, even though I have known them through a short period save for Weilien.. I know I know, I'm SO unlucky.. Hahaz.. =P Anyway, the other peeps there were Krishna, Ben and Samuel.. They're all Marists, and I got a taste of what's life like in Maris Stella.. I bet I must have been damn fun.. Sure wished I could experience it, but Zhonghua is not tt bad either.. I've found great friends and someone special from there.. It's wonderful!! The whole lot of them wanted to do a math paper, but the photocopy machine was out cold at the canteen.. So we started thinking of going to the 3rd floor to photocopy the papers.. The only problem is, you have to risk your life climbing over a big gap between the staircase and the ledge across it.. It was really damn freaky scary, cos it's really a deep plunge if you fall.. Yet, it gave me an excited feeling, cos I always liked adventures.. In a way, I was motivated by the Spiderman of CJC, where a guy was able to climb from the 1st to the top floor by using the side railings of something like that.. I gotta tell you, it was amazing just watching the video.. =P (Thx Krishna's fren for showing me..) Me and Samuel managed to find a plank to link the gap, but it was of no use in the end.. I placed it there, and din even land a step on it.. Hahaz.. But still, it was scary.. Triumphant on the crossover, I was really glad.. One, for being alive, and two, overcoming that fear of looming death.. It was like wad Weilien and Samuel said.. It's Fear Factor, without the ropes and safety devices.. You're damn right!! Photocopied the papers I did, and I managed to climb back over faster this time round.. Thx guys for helping me out for this.. But I'd sure kill you if the photocopy machine at that level din work.. Hahaz.. I am one step closer to becoming Spiderman, one of my favourite characters.. Hahaz.. (Here lil radioactive spidey.. My hand is juicy.. BITE ME!!) Ahem, let me take this chance to say wise words from a fictional man.. "With great power comes great responsibility.." =P

Oh yeah, I finally went to CJC a few days back.. That was really fun, cos for the first time, I managed to see wad CJC is really all about.. It was nice, and the facilities were not bad either.. Of course, I din went there to juz go sight-seeing.. Went there to study!! The canteen was surprisingly small tho.. I wonder how that many people fit inside?? Maybe that's why girls there are a bit slimmer?? Hahaz.. Anyway, Krishna showed us his classroom.. Basically, it was a wreckage.. Hahaz.. Vandalised tables and chairs, punctured noticeboards and projector screen, even the ceiling and fans was not spared!! It was in terrible condition.. I was told they have to pay for replacements for that room.. Hahaz.. Crazy people, but that's what makes life fun.. Live the way you want to!!

Krishna had told us about his last day at school.. They took their tables, tied em up into one row, and slid down a slope... They call it the Apollo.. Hahaz.. Wow, it sure looked fun from his video camera.. That explains why some of the tables are in terrible condition.. It really was awesome!!

Well, I better be going now.. Another day, another paper.. Ok, tt day is tmr, so I really have to make final touches.. I just woke up from a very deep sleep after the Math paper, so with renewed vigour, onwards with my escapades with A Levels!! Cheerios guys!! Keep the smiles up and dun give in!!

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