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Friday, November 05, 2004

Saw Throat

Today's gotta be one of the most irritating days of my lives.. If there's one things tt irritates me, it's being sick.. I recently caught this sore throat from out of nowhere and now I'm feeling all quimsy and all tt.. It's rather annoying, especially when you wanna find that quiet time to study.. It's distracting ya know, and I just hate that.. For me, I've always been sick at the wrong times.. Lemme see.. In almost every one of my holidays before, I've had fever, cough, sore throat, flu, just about any of the common bugs.. It seems as if I've set up a motel in for all these sickness thingies.. "iMad Motel!! Your dream holiday inn!! Book one room get one free!!" Just u wait u germs!! I'm gonna re-enact the 9/11 attacks on you!! Hah!! See who has the last laugh!! In the meantime, I'm weeping in pain and agony.. Hope it subsides soon..

First paper of A levels today.. GP.. I was a bit panic-stricken when it came to Paper 1, so I din think clearly.. Then, I started getting more nervous till I calmed down in abt 5 min.. Wasted so much time on tt!! Wasn't really happy with what I written.. It's not bad, but it's not good either.. I know had so much more potential in what I can write.. It's rather disappointing when you've not displayed your best masterpiece to the Cambridge marker.. I prefer my audiences to enjoy the scripts I offer, since I know they'll be marking thousands of the same kind of question.. If you need to know, I did the questions on waste. "How far is recycling the answer to the problem of waste?" Managed to psyche myself up for Paper 2, and I think I did fairly well, except for the AQ, which had a tough nut to crack.. Had 30 full minutes to think on what I need to write.. Sadly, I still felt my answer was a piece of crap.. Oh well, guess wad's done is done.. Shall compensate by doing extremely well for the other papers.. Well, not like I have a choice either.. It's do or die!!

Heard the phrase "What's in a name??" Familiar?? Well, tt comes from the Shakespearian masterpiece Romeo and Juliet, arguably one of the best plays ever written.. (I took Lit in sec school.. My fav subject, my worst result.. *Sob sob* If my results weren't so bad, I'd be in the Arts stream.. It's be so much fun!!) Juliet says tt wondering what is so arguably different about being called a Montague or a Capulet.. I think love is able to transcend beyond any boundaries, including this one.. It's a matter of willingness and determination to change.. But, forget tt.. The point is, what does your name really mean?? I found this site tt shows what mine is.. Maybe you'll be interested..

For me, "Ahmad" means "more commendable" and "Iskandar" had some relation to Alexandra the great.. My mum used to tell me I was named after a great conqueror.. ^^ Well, you guys check your own too k.. Hmm, some of you may not be able to find your name in it though.. I shall find more sites if time allows it..

Hmm, tt's it for now.. Still battling this sore throat.. Makes me wanna get a saw and juz slice it off!! Argh!! Ok, ciao ppl.. Hope I can come back again to blog..

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