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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Sawed Throat

I'm back baby!! Well, to full healthy goodness tt is.. I had to ordeal more than just a sore throat after the last journal.. Soon after tt, my temp picked up and I had a runny nose.. It rose further and eventually, like a dastardly trio of villains, fever came in too.. Haiz, wad can I say, these three have been a band of brothers in all my previous holidays.. Anyway, it was so so hot, I had to see a doctor in the morning.. Tt din help at first, and my agony stretched all the way till night time.. I was still so hot then, with a runny nose and sore throat which makes it even worse.. Eventually, I asked my mum to cover me with a towel full of ice water.. Aah, tt's refreshing, and after eating some other strong medicines, it subsided a bit.. Well, now, I'm back to full health.. Felling great!! Back to studying tho.. *sob sob*

Today is Mr John Lim's most joyous day.. He's getting married today, and most of the soccer guys are there rite now I think.. Man, I wanna go, but I gotta catch up on lost time for studying.. Hope he's having a hell of a time.. I'm still wondering who his wife is.. Shall force the truth out of him after A's..

I have this lil plan of giving all my teachers Wang Wang milk drink before A's end.. U know, those lil red cans with sweet tasty milky goodness with a logo of a kid with his arms up.. Yup, the best drink around!! I am officially head of my Wang Wang Club.. Gonna recruit more members.. Onli got xr now.. So come, dun be shy, join the Wang Wang Club!! All u need is just to love Wang Wang!! Muahahaz..

Ok, back to studying.. I guess tt's enough for today.. Ciao peeps!!

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