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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Seeing Something Different?

Hello guys.. Noticed something different?? =) Kinda liked this skin, so I changed it to this.. The old one was a tad too bright and plain, and I felt it didn't really reflect who I am.. I am actualli a little bit of a dark and mysterious person.. Okok, I also like dark colours la.. Hey, I'm saving you from more myopia problems k!! Too much brightness from your monitor screen is a definite nono!! Oh, yet again, thx weilien for patching up the skin.. Well, I went to his house today cos I wanted to run away from home.. Today my mom is doing an open house for my relatives and others, so I didn't want to be there mingling with em.. It's not that I hate them or anything, but there are times when you juz wanna be alone and far away from people you know.. So yeah, that's how I ended up in Weilien's house instead.. But it was fun!! We played "3x5"!! Man, I juz can't get enough of that song, and so can't he.. Heh heh.. We fooled around with the computer the whole day.. Didn't get much studying done.. >.< Well, I do have more time to make it up for, so I guess it's ok for today.. Oh, his mom is a wonderful cook!! I juz feel more pai seh cos this is the third time she gave me food.. Hahaz.. I was hiding under weilien's blankie to hide my face from his mom.. Really la, I felt bad!! Thx anyways!!

Chem MCQ was not easy at all.. In fact, it was the hardest paper I ever had!! There were so many unusual questions, and requires a lot of careful thinking.. I wasn't confident with the answers for most of it, so I kinda felt depressed a bit.. I guess this is what I get for not studying the whole of yesterday.. Speaking of tt, physics was not so bad.. I think it was ok except for the last question of Paper 2.. Hmm, somehow, it was rather confusing.. A lot of the people I talked to thought so too.. Oh well, if that's the case, too bad for me..

After Physics, me and jose met up and went to town to search for our prom suits.. Man, we stretched all the way from Orchard to Bugis.. Gotta say that most of the prom suits for guys are starkly similar.. Well, we're guys I guess.. But it looks kinda cool with all the blazers and stuff.. I wanna get me one of those!! Saw some good ones at Orchard Point, so I guess I'll be back there again if I can't find any in other places.. At the same time, I happened to pass by Citylink to look out for my primary school fren who I've not seen for 6 long years.. Felt kinda disappointed at first cos she wasn't there, but found out she was at bugis.. That was our final destination, so upon reaching there, hahaz, surprise surprise, I finally saw her and we talked in NoochX.. I was kinda surprised in the way she looks now.. I dunno, something's different about her now.. And she's not as short as I tot she would be.. Wanted to suan her!! Argh, failed!! =P Anw, she treated us to some drinks, for free!! (Wow, really, thx a lot!! It was nice and you couldn't have offered us at a better time.. I was really thirsty from a day of scouting!! ^^) So talking to her, it was fun.. We were our normal lame selves.. I made a bet with her that if I see her, I'd treat her Sakae Sushi for tt day, cos she was going for the buffet with her friends.. Heh, she showed mercy on me and let me go.. Heh heh.. Thx!! It's really fun meeting someone from your past again.. We'll meet again, I'm sure.. I know I got lotsa plans after A's!! Can't wait!!

I oso met another primary school fren of mine after Chem MCQ.. Wah, deja vu all over!! It was Lok Miao Teng, my "daughter" from primary school.. She was the one who sat beside me.. Last time, we were arranged in a row of 3, and I was in the middle.. She and Joyce sat beside me.. We were always playing the poking game with each other.. Hahaz.. If any of us slouch, the person next to you will tickle u by poking ur waist.. Effective man!! I got a double dose cos both of em did me at the same time.. I always get poked the most!! Walao!! But maybe tt explains my good posture?? Hahaz.. But it was fun remeniscing your childhood.. Oh, Joyce was my wife at that time, but now it seems she's got a bf, so I'm told by Miao Teng.. (Heh, good for u!! Tho I haven't seen ya since the srjc days, hope you've been doin fine!!) Oh, I wanna say hi to Huay Ning who was there too.. It was nice meeting you.. ^^

I'm teaching Liz how to play guitar after A's, and I think it'll be fun.. As long it's about guitar, I'm passionate about it!! She and her frenz, Jeannie and Pui Ning (?), mistook my ear mole as an ear hole.. Hahaz.. Not surprised, a lof of people think tt way.. Hopefully I can let u master the guitar in that short period of time.. I am going to NS by 8th January ya know.. ^^

Cleaning my room is the hardest thing I can ever do.. It's been a mess since forever, but after the last chem paper, I decided to give it a go.. Hahaz.. I din know I had TT much space in my room.. (U can imagine how messy it is.. =P) Well, I did it partly cos I saw a roach in my room recently.. It's freaky man!! I dunno if it's still here.. Argh!! After that, I went for a jog at the nearby park.. It was refreshing, and I was amused at how weak I am rite now compared to the old me.. Must get back that fitness.. I just hate being weak!! Walked down memory lane around my neighbourhood.. It's the route me and sy always walked when we got time to spare.. We'd talk about everything under the stars.. Really missed those times.. After A's, maybe we'll get to do tt again.. I got a few surprises up my sleeves for ya!!

Well, eventful days.. Freedom is in close grasp, so I'm looking forward to that.. Somehow, I feel post A's will be awesome!! Hope to cya guys and catch up to ya guys during that time.. For now, back to the den of the studious..

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