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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Goodbye Prom Of Goodbyes

Eh-oh!! (Teletubbies for hello.. ^^) Hahaz.. I just had one of my most wonderful days yesterday.. It was PROM NITE!! Woot!! The day tt I've been preparing so hard for and looking forward to had arrived.. There was a sense of excitement in me since this was my first ever prom.. In sec sch, it was so unfair, cos in our last year, we suggested for a prom, and they only did it the year after we graduated.. *bish bish* Anw, forget tt.. The main highlight was yesterday night.. Let's start from the beginning shall we?? ^^

Well, the day started off with weilien meeting up at my place.. I was given the task of styling his hair.. Hahaz, tt was fun.. Btw, it was an utter failure thank u!! (Sry weily!! I got no exp la.. Hahaz.. I tried k!!) Devastated by the failure, we went to the hair salon at Compass Point.. I kept saying we muz go to Jean Yip for styling our hair.. Tt was stupid man.. It was a slimming center!! And I was like (oO:), sweatdrops on my head.. Hahaz.. Weily, as usual, gives me the -_- look.. We went to a REAL hair salon next, and styling was 12 bucks per head.. The guy who did my hair was very friendly!! He told me tt were were the 5th and 6th person to come there for styling.. Obviously, he's referring to other NYJCians who went there to do their hair.. Hee, coincidental.. The guy who did my hair made it look nice, and I really liked it.. I never imagined such a hairstyle on me.. I got lotsa pics, so u can ask me to send pics online ya?? Anw, weily wasn't so happy with his tho.. Can't really blame the stylist.. His hair was too bushy and heavy.. But for me, I didn't think it was too bad.. Guess weily had some other plans for the hair.. Went back to my placec, wore our suits, and voila, MIBs baby!! (One Man In Black and one Man In Brown.. Hehe..) Watching Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind to kill time, (our fav movie btw..), we left at 545, all smartly dressed, took a cab.. I wore my Bata shoes.. Weily laughed at it.. -_-

Reached the lobby of Swissotel kinda early, so we walked around and saw Terrence.. He was dressed up kinda retro style.. Saw glen too.. His hairdo was cool, and his clothes too.. Always knew he had tt good sense of fashion!! Met corrinna too.. I confessed to her of how I lost the metal flower she gave me on graduation day.. She beat me!! *waaa* Hahaz, I deserved tt.. I was so sad in losing it.. We took pics, and I talked to her fren.. (Dunno wad's her name..) I used to mistake her for my pri sch fren, cipei, who was in the same school too.. Hahaz.. I juz suck man.. Corrinna said I looked like Taufik.. In fact, the whole day, I was called Taufik instead of Ahmad/Mad/Zhanglang/Mud/Ikan Bilis/U Gui/Snatch Thief/etc.. Hahaz.. Kinda flattered, but I still see no resemblance.. Well, I took the identity of being his "brother".. Hahaz.. The most surprising thing is tt this cashier at a supermarket said I looked like Taufik too.. Pai seh.. Hahaz.. Ok, let's get this straight people!! He looks like me, not I look like him!! =P (Thick skin!! Muahahaz..) When it was time for prom, I went ahead to take pics and sat at our table, Table 27.. The host was gay sia.. A bit dirty and horny too.. The Prom King and Queen was chosen unfairly for me.. Some of the more recognizable babes were not up, cos they were selected thru certain Captains.. (We were divided into the East and West side.. I was at the West..) Well, who are these babes?? Well, juz my opinion, but there's Casssandra, Joanne, Easterina, and a few more tt I shall not disclose.. ^^ Oh well, kee, jose's gf, was chosen as prom queen and eugene the prom king.. Not bad, not bad.. Jose called himself the Mr Prom Queen.. Hahaz.. (Erm, congrats on tt title yeah??) The guys at his table were saluting him when kee won the Prom Queen title.. Funny shit.. Nat came and sat with us.. He looked damn zai as always.. He sneaked in btw.. Din even have a ticket!! Hahaz.. Anw, before he came, I was sitting beside two couples.. Der and Kexin, Rich and Grace.. Walao.. Super lightbulb can.. When one side was mushy, I moved the other side, and they did the same thing, and I was like -_-.. Might as well I become the sun la.. Hahaz.. Anw, it was for fun.. I wasn't bothered actually.. The prom ended quite unexpectantly.. I din even know it ended.. Hahaz.. Nobody danced on the dance floor there.. We all took pictures straight away.. I was having a mad run to take pics with everyone.. Took with everyone I knew, and one tt I din know in person.. ^^

With the pic fest out of the way, went ahead to meet up with jas they all, with the aim of going clubbing.. Xr called me Taufik, expectant of me to take the taxi fare as I was her Singapore Idol.. (Walao, u so evil one.. -_-) Being the person tt I am, I did it anws.. Hahaz.. Went to China Black at first.. Closed.. Then to Boat Quay.. No good clubbing places.. Then finally to Mohamed Sultan Road.. Still, cudn't club.. Tt's cos there was onli 1 hour left to do so, so it wasn't worth our money.. Walao, I paid for 3 taxi rides.. Waste of money.. Soin the end, we went pubbing and pooling.. Ok, it wasn't so bad.. Met weijie, angeline, siting, marcus there.. Did those stuff till 3++.. After tt, took one last taxi ride to jas' place, and still not done with the nite, talked the nite away till 530.. I ended up taking out her lil clips from her hair.. 41 in total!! Wah!! We were laughing cos there was so much.. Doin her hair the way she did it was nice, but I guess it muz have been painful too.. ^^ (Hope ur hair's back to normal yeah??) Sending her home, I took a slow stroll home, thinking wad a nite it has been.. Prom has finally marked my flight out of school life.. Soon, a new exp will await me.. I shall toughen myself up for tt.. Well, physically, there's NS.. Mentally, I've got 2 years to think of how I want my future to be.. Reached home, uploaded pics, and made my journey to Dreamland on my Bed Express..

A day b4 prom, a fren whom I onli juz rececntly knew was heading overseas to study.. Tt guy's name is Krishna Dermawan.. Hahaz.. A really nice guy, and weily's bez fren.. Although I knew him for barely a month, the times we've spent together as a group was funny and exciting.. Although he told all of us not to come, we did it anw.. I mean, hey, how can we let u leave so discreetly?!?! I was never good with goodbyes, but we still managed to crap the way we always do.. Took pics, and his late fren came, sebastian.. He came with a surprise.. A photo of a girl he fancies, and in a large portrait size too.. He was overjoyed, and laughter consumed the terminal hall.. He held it like an Olympic Medal, a Nobel Prize, etc.. Funny the way he was surprised upon seeing it.. Hahaz.. Posing with more pics with his grandma, we then finally said our last goodbyes.. I know tt once again, I have lost the presence of another great fren in Singapore.. (Take care dude.. Hope we'll meet up again soon.. Be sure to call us!!)

I've been enjoying the days so far, but NS still bugs me a little.. Oh well, putting tt aside, I wanna treasure the last few moments of freedom.. Almost broke now cos of prom.. Better be careful with my finances.. To all the frenz who turned up for prom and didn't, miss u guys always.. It's been a precarious but enjoyable 2 years in NYJC.. Rest assured, we'll keep in contact!! Goodbyes!!

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