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Sunday, December 05, 2004

It's The Holi-Holi-Holi-Holi-Dayz!!

Ahem, may I officially announce tt I am entering the greatest time of my life, the much awaited post A Level holidays!! Omg, it's here, it's here!! *runs around like a lil kid who juz got his new toy* Hahaz, wow, I know this is kinda late to say this, esp when the holidays started like wad, 10 days ago?? Hee.. Sry ar, but I've been having too much fun in my life since after the A's.. So busy tt I dun even have tt much energy to write any logs.. So much fun, I'll die a happy man!! Okok, so wad's been fun?? Hmm, there's so much I wanna say, so bear with me.. *bear growl* =P

Day 1:
Kk, let's start of from the beginning.. The last paper was Physics Paper 5, which was on the 25th Nov.. Of all times for the last day, it took place at 2!! Argh, so late!! Wish it'd started earlier cos I was anxious, anxious for it all to be over!! It didn't turn out oo badly either way, cos in the end, it finally did end!! Muahahaz!! So after 1 hour rotting in the hall, freedom!! I was screaming in my head and mouth too.. I felt like a heavy load was over me once and for all.. Ahh, bliss I tell you.. I dunno wad to say but juz tt it feels so goddamn awesome!! ^^ After tt, I overheard my friend saying,"Hey, wanna go Sakae Sushi?" And boom!! I popped up next to him and said,"I'm in!!" FYI, I'm addicted to jap food, esp Sakae Sushi!! So in the end, me, rus, rich, andy, clarence, vegustian, guan went out.. Well, for such a happy day, u'd normally expect a sunny day with a rainbow over me, and birds chirping with the sweet tunes of peace.. Hah!! Fat hope man.. It was raining so heavily, the school looked like some dumb dump.. Mud everywhere, puddles, leaking pathways, floods.. Wah, wad a way to end everything!! But it was refreshing.. I went in the rain a lil, and felt the rain purify me.. It's a new life I tot to myself, cos this marked the last day of any school life for me.. So I trtied to enjoy it the bez I can.. Rus, with his usual crazy self, was walking and somewhat dancing in the rain!! Funny.. We went to Sim Lim afterwards, all drenched and cold from the rain and air-con in the bus.. Apparently, clarence wanted to buy some audio stuff for his comp.. In the end, we all ate BK, and I was a bit sad in the beginning cos NO SAKAE SUSHI!! Oh well, with friends there, anything can taste good!! ^^ After walking around Sim Lim, awed at new comps, LCD screens, and games, (man, a boy's wet dream come true!! =P), we saw nat.. He too was searching from comp parts.. Good to see he was in the pink of health.. He finished earlier than us for A Levels.. Lucky guy!! (T.T) Soon after, with clarence and rus being able to get their hands on their lil toys, we went separate ways.. Rich and me went to Swee Lee to buy guitar strings, and admire the electric guitars which we oh-so-desire!! Well, admiring, admiring, admiring.. ... WHEN AM I GONNA GET ONE?!?!? ^^ I had to leave soon after, cos I'm meeting the Zelva guys to watch movie at nite.. Meeting them was really uplifting, cos I've not seen some of them in a very long while.. We caught up, and watched The Incredibles!! Whoa, tt movie was awesome!! Anw, I din notice darryl till at the end of the movie.. He had a cool hair-do!! Wish I cud show u all.. ~sigh~ Went home after tt, still in a bit of disbelief tt the A's are really over.. Hoorah!!

Day 2:
Friday, Nov 26, I went to dye my hair with jas.. I was so excited, cos this is a first for me.. My mum was shocked to hear me wanting to dye my hair.. "U?? Dye hair??" was what she said with a gaping mouth.. Hahaz.. Guess my good boy image was too strong for her.. Muahahaz.. Anw, after a bit of delay from the rain, I met up with jas at Hougang Point (the sukkiest place on earth!!) and discussed with her wad colours to dye our hair.. (FYI, we're doing this for prom!! Hee, tt too is gonna be exciting..) Glad to have someone do it with me, esp if it's jas.. I always feel comfortable doing a whole lotta stuff with her and she always soothes my nerves.. Anw, after a whole lot of discussion in Watson.. Our main them was tt of brown or copper brown.. Around there.. Anw, with a vague idea of wad we wanted, we went straight to the hair salon called Redken.. Jas went and done it first.. I must admit, she looked damn pretty when the hair stylist was doin her hair.. I dunno how to say it, but when the hair stylist clipped her hair Scorpion style, it was whoa, omg, amazing!! *blush* Anw, I get to see first hand how girl's hair was dyed.. They applied the dye solution, then used aluminium foil to cover.. So her hair had aluminium all over.. ^^ Next came my turn.. Ok, mine was a bit more embarassing, cos when it came to dying, they had to wrap my head with some transparent plastic foil.. Wrapping me up like Ali Baba, I looked like a guy with a condom on the head.. -_- Thk gawd I was situated in a blind spot at a corner.. My facee was really -_-.. No words can describe the embarassment.. Hahaz.. Anw, after pulling out some of my hair thru the plastic, they dyed my hair.. Jas finished first, and it was really nice on her.. Perfecto!! Mine ended after another 30 min.. (Sorry u had to wait tt long..) Well, it looked kinda nice, but not all tt visible, but good enuff.. Jas' was awesome.. Congrats to the both of us on dyed hair!! Hahaz.. It's a first for both of us.. Couldn't stay for long, much to my dislike cos I'd wanted to talk more, but I had another fren waiting for me.. Argh!! I was like 1 hour late!! And the worst part, she waited tt long for me!! Who am I talking about?? Well, my pri sch fren, joanna.. Wow, she sure knows how to be on time.. ^^ (Sry!! =X) We had planned to go to the electronics fair in Expo called the Sictex.. Rushing and apologising to her later on, I was surprised she looked all calm.. She too was a patient person as I was.. She was used to ppl coming late, juz like me.. Hahaz.. But of course, I never ever like to make a girl wait!! We took 72 to tampines, and chatted juz like we do on MSN.. It's really fun talking to someone who can understand lame stuff as well as talk lame stuff together.. Hahaz.. (Oei, u really are lame.. Dun deny!!) Remeniscing on our pri sch life, as well as any other topics under the sun, the bus journey didn't seem tt long.. Finally reaching expo, I was amazed to see so many digicams, comps, mp3 players, and so-on.. Ok, a lot of funny brands, but there were recognizable ones too.. Panasonic, Acer, Epson, Creative, etc.. All the offers were really attractive, but money is always the prob.. Hahaz.. Well, all I wanted tt day was a CD player.. Too bad they din sell.. (Of all things?!?!) Tired and hungry, we decided to have a Sakae Sushi battle at Funan IT Mall there.. (Ok, for the first time, I noticed how to go there.. All those other times, my mum sent me by the use of a car..) There was a Sakae Sushi there tt had buffet after 6.. We really ate till we dropped, well, me actualli.. Hahaz.. Wow, she's really a great rival!! She can eat as much as I can, mebbe even more!! Scary.. Hahaz.. We came in at 6, and left the last at 10++.. Stomach was so damn full!! But it was worth the money.. I really enjoyed every moment eating the food!! Still having a sense of adventure, I suggested watching the nite lites in the city, and we ended up at esplanade.. Wah, nice nice!! Wanted to go to the roof, and we were lucky enuff to see the police put the -No Entry- sign.. Hahaz.. How "lucky"!! Being denied entry, we juz walked along the river.. Talking talking talking, and noticing a floating candle in the middle of the river.. I tot it was a ghost, but she saw it too, so I guess false alrm then.. Hahaz.. We came to a conclusion tt it was tt lantern festival thing, where ppl let candles float in the water.. (We were right!! Shall elaborate later..) So we walked on the path of Esplanade Park.. It was beautiful, but we had to sneak quietly thru cos a lot of couples were there doin ahem-ahem.. Feeling adventurous, we both moved on further from the furthest we've gone at the park.. Ok, it was dark, eerie, and had funny smells, but it sure was beautiful with the moonlight and all tt.. Can't believe in one nite, we talked so much tt we walked all the way to kallang!! Omg, esplanade park is connected to kallang?!?! Well, new exp.. But fun fun fun!! It was really a long walk, and I felt my legs grow heavier.. But talking juz makes tt all go away!! Finally, about the floating candle, we saw more as we walked further.. Turns out it's a Thai festival, and gawd, it was beautiful with the floating candles in the water.. Breathtaking!! Wish I brought a camera.. >.< Taking a really lousy pic using her cam, we wanted to venture further, but the rain came and spoiled it!! ARGH!! It was kinda funny, cos it started raining only after her mom told her tt it was raining in Hougang.. -_- And the funny thing is tt we were running away from the rainwhen it came.. It was chasing us.. Who was faster?? Let the drenced clothes tell u the answer.. =P We took taxi home, and after such an eventful day, pinky sweared each other to finish the adventure on another day, armed with an umbrella of course.. (We will have a chance again, I promise!!) Oh, she lent me Gundam Seed oso.. Watched it all nite, and never slept!! (Well, mebbe for an hour) So I finished watching the VCD in less than 24 hrs, which surprised joanna cos wow, 50 eps is like 16 hours.. And I did it withing 24 hours.. Hahaz.. (Wad can I say, I'm an anime fanatic!!) Anw, thx joanna!! It was really a wonderful day!! Thx to jas too!! U looked reallyx4 great!!

Day 3:
Saturday, 27 Nov.. Initially wanted to go for my Zelva soccer training, but had to go out with my mom and sis, cos we rarely have any chance to go out together at all.. Not really thrilled, but juz went for the sake of going.. It turned out quite ok, after eating Unagi Bento in Restaurant Hoshigaoka.. Nice!! After tt, went to buy my prom suit at G2000 in Wisma Atria.. Wow, it was nice!! Price was nice too, 200++.. Well, it was a good deal.. Blazer, shirt and pants.. ^^ Awesome!! Kinda guilty my mom paid for it tho.. I wanna be independant!! I'll get my chance soon.. Soon after, went home again, watched Gundam Seed till the end, and voila, bed express here I come!! (Kinda tired from not sleeping the day b4..) I think I dreamt I was the hero of Gundam Seed.. Hahaz.. My mind was really saturated with Gundam Seed!!

Day 4:
Monday, 29 Nov, went out with xr, jas, eileen, daena, siting, puay, jiahui, to the beach at East Coast Park in the mornz.. Wah, wad a great day!! Beautiful glorious sunny day!! Anw, after a whole lot of waiting, finally reached East Coast Park and went straight to cycling!! I took the couple bicycle with puay, cos she didn't know how to cycle.. It was quite funny, cos I was so new to the thing, and it was kinda jerky to start.. ^^ Anw, the funny part is when we had to turn.. We'd go one big circle to turn!! Wah, retarded sia, but funny.. Hehe.. Puay was really fun to ride with, and no, u weren't heavy at all k!! I was kidding!! Siting brought her lil neighbour along.. It was a small pri 2 girl I think.. So cute to see siting acting like a mother to her.. It was touching.. ^^ Anw, we tried to race her, with xr beside us.. I shouted to siting "Mother!!" cos she never took care of the lil gal.. Hahaz, I think she was a bit paiseh I did tt, and looked at me and said,"Okok!!".. Not angrily of course.. I laughed!! Soon, xr replaced me on the bike with puay.. I took the single bike, xr took the couple.. Xr was kinda short, so it was hard for her to start, let alone get on it.. Cute.. Well, she suceeded in the end, and off she went!! After about an hour cycling, we went on to try to teach puay how to cycle.. It was hard in the beginning, and as the rest went to cycle, I stayed behind to teach her.. It was tough, and I was so ignorant of my surroundings I fell backwards and hit my head on a tree.. Ow!! But hahaz, funny.. U shud have seen me!! It was like in a comic those kind.. (Well, my mum did say I was comical..) It was worth teaching puay, as she started to resemble a pro cyclist.. (Is there such a thing?? Hahaz..) She managed to cycle AND brake!! Whoa, tt was fast!! Congrats puay, my evil fren!! Tired from the attempts of cycling, I took out my ping pong ball and played table tennis using the park table.. Hahaz.. Ok, why on earth did I bring a ping pong ball?? I was told to bring a ball, like volleyball, but in the end, cos I had no pump, I took the onli ball I had, ping pong!! Hahaz.. They were like -_- at first.. Hey, it turned out to be useful k!! (And tt ping pong ball was from my pri sch.. Till now, it's been with me!! I joined table tennis in pri school btw..) It was fun playing table tennis with our hands.. Hee.. We looked like professionals!! (Lee Jiawei, move over!! ^^) We went kayakking afterwards, and I gotta say, I miss it badly now!! It was juz like canoeing, and it was fun!! Paddling hard in the sea with dae as my partner, we saw a jellyfish!! Nice.. Anw, the view from the sea was beautiful, watching the sun slowly returning to it's slumber den.. The skies were painted in different shades of orange, blue, a spectrum really.. Beautiful!! After an hour and a half in the sea, we headed back to shore on the advice of puay who was worried of the rising tide and it's ever-growing ferocity from the incoming waves.. It was easy putting back the kayaks, except for one.. It was jas' and jiahui's kayak!! Even I can't move it easily.. We soon found out tt the water was chucked full of water!! Walao, no wonder so heavy!! I cud have contended for heavyweight lifter!! ^^ Anw, so we inverted it and let the water flow from a small hole.. Tt turned out a stupid idea.. 1 min.. 2 min.. 3 min.. 4 min.. Still, water was flowing non-stop!! Hahaz.. We stood there like idiots letting the water out.. We were commenting of how the water was enuff for us to bathe, enuff to save kids in Africa, enough for washing our dirty slippers and sandals.. Hahaz, it really was a lot!! The person in charge of the kayaks came after abt 10 min, and looked at us.. He showed us another way to remove the water, which was thur a bigger hole covered by a plug.. And we were like, dotz, why din we think of tt?!?! Standing there like idiots for the whole time.. Hahaz.. Anw, even with the bigger hole, it continued pouring water for very long too.. I was glad tt jas and jiahui din sink with so much water in it.. Phew.. Anw, with the last kayak put in place, we were beat!! Went to bathe and all tt, and it was refreshing!! I had to leave them early cos I had a Zelva bbq at Pasir Ris Park!! Ooh yeah!! Finding out tt they haven't started the bbq, I rushed using taxi towards Pasir Ris Park, after dropping eileen at a nearby mall where she met her parents for dinner.. Spending 13.60 on the taxi fare, met up with the guys, and the feasting din begin at first.. Hahaz.. Having the reputaion of the name "satay man", I was faced with the task of lighting another fire.. I started out with a few charcoal, the size of my face.. I knew I had A LOT OF WORK to do.. Well, after about an hour of blowing and fanning and placing charcoals strategically, woo, it turned into a big fire.. Another fire saved!! Hahaz.. Then I went on ahead for an eating spree.. Delicious my dear frenz!! Simply delicious!! I met darryl's gf for the first time, and she looked cuter than the pic he shown me b4.. Good on u darryl!! Better treat her good!! The biggest moment was when I met youx.. Whoa, tt bugger, still the same bugger I met in sec sch.. Hahaz.. It was really funny talking to him again, always tt same lame self.. Youx is one of my bestest frenz in zhonghua days.. Always a whole lot of fun to talk to, and he knows most of my woes and joys.. Even if he doesn't know now, I make it a point to tell him during the times we meet.. Basically, the bbq was sucessful.. Barely any food was left, anf the stingray was the highlight of the day!! Simply delicious!! One was butter and garlic marinated, and the other had a spicy touch to it!! The rest of the nite was me and youx talking about our lives since the time we went separated ways.. It was really nice to let it all out, esp to someone who understands u.. He too shared his probs and exp.. After we talked for damn long, resisting the cold breezes from the sea, we went to join the guys playing Piggy in the middle of the road.. Hahaz.. Nice.. None of us really slept, except for me, darryl, youx, shang.. We onli slept less than an hour I think.. Anw, it was fun, cos as all of them were guys, we just let out wadeva we wanted to, and gayed with each other, as well playing soccer and mingling like any group of fun loving guys would.. I can be myself at the highest level!! No objections there.. ^^ Stayed overnight and returned home, sleeping till quite late in the noon..

Day 5:
Tuesday, Nov 30.. Ok, rmb I went home to sleep after the bbq?? Woke up after tt and went to make my contact lens.. So I bathed, and went to hougang point (the sukkiest place on earth!!), entered Nanyang Optical, and asked for a one-month pack of contacts.. Wah, it was kinda exciting, cos I've never ever imagined I would wear one.. Anw, after showing me proper techniques to place the contact lens, I tried and was amazed at how clear everything was.. It's like, whoa, wad the?!?! I had renewed vision, renewed vigour upon wearing the contacts!! Buying it, I wore it for the rest of the day, amazed and awed at my renewed vision.. Now, I started thinking to myself.. WHY?!?! WHY DIN I GET THIS THING EARLIER?!?! Hahaz, oh well, new exp, juz like jas said.. Went home again, and rested for the most part of the day..

Day 6:
Wednesday, Dec 1, the long awaited Guitar Club Chalet is finally here!! Muahahahahahaz!! Can't imagine how happy I felt knowing tt the day finally came!! Anw, weily juz returned back from his trip to taiwan tt day, but he still went to the chalet anw.. We all met at Tampines Interchange, and I was late!! Argh.. I was slacking a bit at home, and the bus I took was retardedly slow.. -_- Anw, upon reaching there, not every1 was present.. I was 2nd last to arrive.. Hahaz.. I finally saw michelle, the girl who left NYJC for poly.. Wah, she still looked the old cute self I knew from jc.. Great seeing her again!! She's still all smile and lame too.. Hahaz.. Anw, weily told me he had changed his hairstyle while he was overseas.. It looked quite ok, but it can be improved.. Anw, to me, not much of a change.. Hahaz.. Upon val's arrival, and a few j1s, (5 in total, and all guys!! sobz..), we all went on ahead to the guitar chalet!! We started the day off by playing guitar, a bit of poker games, and exploring the chalet.. Gotta say, it was bigger than last year's.. And there was a baby bed!! Somebody's gonna get busy tonite!! (Looks at Mr and Mrs Wong!!) Muahahaz.. For those who don't know, Mr Wong is the teacher-in-charge for Guitar Club, and he's held this chalet for us last year too.. (TT was good too!!) So the bbq started, and again, it was awesome, esp the chicken, which Mr Wong prepared with his one of a kind secret marinating sauce.. Eating and playing till the Singapore Idol arrived, we all watched it.. Everyone in the chalet was supporting Taufik!! We were awed by Taufik's performance, and awed at Sylvester's fake comments from the judges.. Ok, he's not TT bad, but not good enough to be the Singapore Idol k!! Anw, juz before the results were announced, me and weilien hugged each other in anticipation, hoping for Taufik to win it.. I dared to say I would strip if Sylvester won, and strange enuff, every1 wanted Sly to win.. -_- Ok, Taufik won, I hugged weilien very tightly I think.. Hahaz.. So happy!! Me and weily then went on up to play guitar and jammed.. Mr and Mrs Wong recorded us jamming!! Heard they're gonna post it up on the school system.. Hahaz.. The rest of the nite, the guitar club members had a whole load of fun, playing chong qing ni ma, monopoly, and talking all nite.. Doing dares too.. Hahaz.. We played heart attack, and man, I was hit a lot!! -_- Funny.. Loser had to feed chocolate to the winner.. I did tt a lot, with a red hand of course.. -_- Since I lost so much, my forfeit was to kiss Choon Guan on the cheek.. Argh!! I did it, but man, kissing a guy was yuck!! Well, it was all for good fun.. Me and weily were guards for the girls who went to bathe.. We started talking about how we're gonna miss every1 in guitar club, which was the reason why NYJC life was really really great!! U guys rock, totally!! Soon, me, weily, liping played fireworks in the wee wee hours of the morning.. They started throwing the fireworks up, and by the time it came to my turn, the fire was out.. -_- Hahaz.. Not ever sleeping, we went to the beach to watch the sunrise.. Ok, bad thing was that we were facing in the opposite direction, and that there were no good places to watch the sunrise.. Oh well, the morning was beautiful anw.. It was great to have the guitar club having an adventure together!! We sent some of the peeps off, cos come had to work and some had other plans tt day.. So only me, weily, grace, liping, guan, andrew, kevin were left.. Me and liping were the only ones who din sleep thruout, so we played monopoly.. (interesting fact: Monopoly was the first game I ever cried on.. Hahaz.. Hey, I was a kid back then, and I dunno how to handle bankruptcy can?!?!) Surprisingly, I was doing quite well, save for some unlucky turns.. ^^ After checking out, and waking the sleepy ones up, another new day begins!! Btw, Guitar Club, u guys really really rock my world!! It was awesome!!

Day 7:
Thurs, 2 Dec, after leaving the chalet, me, liping, grace decided to send off dini and agatha at the airport.. They're leaving, and may not come back.. U know, I've never been good with goodbyes, so I was feeling kinda sad when I heard they were leaving the day after the chalet.. Before we did tt, we went to watch The Incredibles at Tampines Mall!! (Ok, a 2nd time for me, but worth it!!) After tt, went to buy dini's and agatha's farewell prez and went to Changi Airport.. For one thing, the airport really lacks POSB Atm machines man.. I had to walk from end to end to draw money.. -_- Anw, we wrote msgs for both agatha and dini.. I created a poem for dini, which was rather crappy cos I din know wad else to think.. Saw them for the last time, and exhanged my last handshakes with both of em.. I really was sad, but I din wanna show it.. Enjoy the time I've been given with them.. Taking pics, we finally sent them off.. There they stood, at the departure entrance hall.. We waved our last goodbyes, and made them promise to call us if ever they return to singapore.. Guys, I'll miss you a lot!! Take care and hope u did enjoy the times we've spent together!! Always on our minds k!! *Sob sob sob sob sob sob* Went home soon afterwards after eating fantastic chicken at Popeye's.. Jose was coming over to stay for the nite.. Found out he lost his wallet, which was kinda shitty.. I know the feelin jose.. I know it too well.. Anw, we stayed up till quite late, playing gunbound and chatting away.. Read some mags too..

Day 8:
Friday, Dec 3, went out with jose in search of some shoes and ties for my prom.. Couldn't really find any shoes, cos they were so expensive, and din get any ties cos I wasn't sure if it was fitting for my suit.. Shall buy it on sat or sunday.. Before tt, we actualli met eufai to pass him his EZ Link card which jose borrowed.. Soon after, jose had to leave.. I lingered in Heeren a bit more, and later joined weily and krishna at kinokuniya.. The comics there were sold at a cheaper price, so i went ahead to buy some.. ^^ Anw, I found out krish is leaving singapore too.. Heading to germany to study.. Man, another fren leaving.. I was sad again, but as always, I tried to enjoy the time I was given.. Altho I've known him for about a month, it was really fun!! He really is a great guy.. So we lingered arouund and drank at coffee bean and tea leaf.. Talked a bit more, and met everyone at Fish & Co glasshouse at dhoby ghaut.. Everyone meaning me, weily, krish, samuel, ben and a guy named alvin, who I juz got to know only tt day.. (They were all Marists btw.. Cool!!) Krish treated us to fish and co, and I ordered Corriander Catch.. Nice as usual, but when I saw the Fish & Chips, omg, wad the hell?!?! It was big.. It really is, the best Fish & Chips in town!! At the end of eating our dishes, samuel ordered half a dozen raw oysters.. We each ate one, and alvin, who intially was reluctant, did it in the end.. Hahaz.. Funny expression, but thx for being a good sport!! I suggested tt before eating, we toast by saying,"For diarrhoea!!" Hahaz.. Oysters do give u diarrhoea if u eat too much.. We played chong qing ni ma, and the loser had to drink the ooze of the oyster, with lemon.. Somehow, Krishna was it!! Hahaz.. He was a good sport, and drank it down.. *gulp* We took video of him doing tt of course.. Hahaz.. After tt, went to play pool at meridien hotel.. I played with krish first, and won.. Hahaz.. Guess the pool drive is still in me.. I finally said my goodbye to krish, having had to leave early to meet joanna.. Said the goodbyes to the guys, and left for citylink nooch.. Lucky I arrived earlier, or I'd missed her.. It was actually a surprise visit, but I msged her anw, and waited outside nooch.. Well, I was just in time I guess.. Hahaz.. Met up with her, and we went to search for my shoe and tie again.. She suggested the Bata at some shop near Funan.. We went ahead, but the place was closed.. -_- We were both hungry, so we went to the Kopitiam near dhoby ghaut.. The chicken rice there was ok, and joanna took carrot cake.. But the highlight of the day was Milk Ice Mango!! Whoa, nice!! ^^ (Thx for introducing me..) It costs 2.20, and u guys shud try it too.. So after chatting the whole night, and taking NEL towards Harbourfront and back due to our tired legs, we walked back to her place first.. It was really late, so safety first.. Talking the night away, I learned new things about her.. *meow meow* Hee.. *winks* It's amazing wad six years of absence can do for a fren.. =P (Hope you're feeling better now.. Juz hope my visit did help u.. Take care hor..)

Day 9:
Saturday, Dec 4, stayed at home most of the day except noon.. Left for compass point to get my shoes with my mum.. Woot!! One worry out of the way.. Now all I've gotta do is get the tie.. I'm gonna get it tmr!! Do or die, muz!! My mum bought sushi, so hee, highlight of the day.. I really do have a weakness for sushi!! Went to rest after tt.. I've never been so tired..

Ok, so tt sums up the past days since the end of A's.. Whoa, glad u finally made it to the end eh?? Hee, congrats!! Sorry ar, so much to write about, but it's something I wanna remember for the rest of my life.. Share my joy everyone!! To all the people I've been during these past few days, thx so much for all the fun!! It was fun, funny, exciting, amazing, awesome, blahz blahz.. I'm so tired rite now doin this log, and my hands are getting painful from all this typing.. It is now 4.30, and I've typed for 3 hours straight!! Argh!! It's worth it anw, so hope u guys enjoyed it.. To NYJC peeps, I'm gonna miss u lots.. To everyone else, I am still gonna miss you lots too.. Hahaz.. Ok, I'm at my limit.. Going out tmr to meet weily to check out the hotel rooms for the prom.. Hope I get to book one.. ^^ Ok, nitez everyone.. Good morning too since it's close by.. Hee.. Ciao and take care!!~

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