La Musique

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Life Coloured Black And White

Here I am again, pondering about life.. Such purity in its description, it holds many meanings in which we can perceive.. Life is never colourful.. It is basically separated into 2 colours: White, for it's everlasting purity in which we find joy and laughter, and Black, for it's feared relation to the meaning of death, pain, sorrow.. Tt's why we're all gray.. There can never be an ultimate purity in juz about anything in this world.. I've juz had to go through handling the loss of one of my dear friends, Mr John Lim.. I know, it's been a while now, but I've always wondered, why oh why must such a good man like him die?! I'm not saying bad men and women deserve to die indiscreetly, but, why?! It is such a great loss, not even memorials and the pictures left behind can show everyone the great legacy he has set and left behind.. Such a kind teacher who always gives that extra effort in everything he does.. A man with passion deserves every bit of my compassion!! He was such a man, a man whom I respect with utter respect.. Alas, the black colour of life has been filled into my life.. Maybe I've been having too much joy in my life tt such a great calibre in tragedy had to happen.. This shade of gray will remain grey I guess.. Somehow, I wish tt my life will reach the whiteness tt everyone is pursuing for.. Well, however childish tt thought may be, it is nevertheless a dream I'll continue pursuing..

As I said, I have been having a great time this holiday, but I shall not write it out now.. Just this once, I am dedicating one day to Mr John Lim.. You'll hear from me soon.. No doubts on tt.. Good nite everyone.. Stay safe..

8:44 PM