La Musique

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Very Good Man

Everyone in NYJC knows the news and weeps at the moment of bearing the news.. Our beloved PE teacher, Mr John Lim Chih Hong, has passed away from a tragedy tt had occured in New Zealand.. It's too much to bear.. At the instant such a heavy news weighted down on me, I begged it not to be true.. Alas, my worst fears came to light, for it is true, a good man, a very good man, has been erased from the reality we know as life.. It is sad, I know.. Tears were being held back as I tried hard on accepting the news.. He was my PE teacher, a fren, brother, father to me.. I simply adored his ever calm mind and friendly gestures as we talked during and off school times.. I simply wish tt u, sir, have a peaceful rest for now.. Peace be with u.. I'm really gonna miss u a whole terrible lot.. Words cannot describe the feelings I'm going through now.. Take care sir..

8:37 PM