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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Final Words

Hello all.. This is gonna be my last blog-in for a very long time.. Well, this is my first log in a long while too, so, yeah, gonna try and make this as meaningful as I can.. My NS enlistment is this saturday, January 8th, 2005.. Wow, time sure flies, really fast, like a concorde.. I've had wonderful memories this holiday, and it's been a whole lot of fun having a whack this holiday.. There's juz no other way for me to thank all my friends who have spent their time with me and creating such wonderful memories for me to remenisce on in NS camp or share with others.. In short, thx guys, u all really rock!!

Hmm, I'm not sure if I can share everything on what I've done this holiday, but, hey, I'll make it short.. Dun wan u guys to suffer like the last time I did tt.. Here's a list of what I did:

1. ZHSS 4E1 Chalet (20 - 22 Dec)
2. Guitar Club Outing, Breeks Buffet (31 Dec)
3. Youx Stayover (3 Jan)
4. Weily Stayover (31 Dec)
5. Zelva NS Farewell Party, Marina Bay (10 Dec)
6. Kung Fu Hustle (24 Dec)
7. Siting Birthday Bash, Pasir Ris Park (12 Dec)
8. Uberture Crave Pageant Audition (14 Dec)
9. Duck Rice Outing (22 Dec)
10. Christmas Stayover, Orchard (25 Dec)
11. Zelva Stayover, My House (24 Dec)
12. Dinosaur Outing With Daena (4 Jan)

Well, there's still more, cos I know I've been going out practically everyday.. Am so tired I only got a few days to rest.. But it was worth it!!

This holiday has been a very insightful one.. I have been thinking a lot lately, about my future, my friends, and impt things that have been going on in my life.. I realize tt life is juz so wonderful, be it being alone at home reading a book (The Godfather is nice, read it!) or going out with a large group like Guitar Club or my ZHSS pals.. I occasionally get lucky too, by meeting long lost frenz who I've not met in a gazillion years.. It's such a small world I guess.. And I'm quite glad it is btw!! ^^ I realize there's a lot of things I wanna improve about myself, for me and everyone around me too.. I feel that I should really grow up and not be so childish about things anymore.. Be more mature in approaching things, handling em.. Improve my way of thinking.. I also wanna improve my physique, which is guaranteed in NS anyway, and grow taller too.. (Hee, I got a secret!!) I've got 2 years to do this, and by the time I am out from NS, I hope by then, I become a better man.. The fire inside me to become even stronger is still there, burning as bright as it once used to.. Tt's my goal, To Become Strong!! I wanna become stronger for tt someone.. ^^

I bet most of u reading this now will either be working, or stuck in school still.. But, as a wise man (Bobby McFerrin) once said, Don't Worry, Be Happy.. (Tt's the title of his song btw.. Wonderful stuff..) It's all a small phase, and sooner than u know it, it'll be over, so treasure the moment.. Well, 2 yrs in NS might seem long, but I'll try not to think tt way, altho it's kinda tuff..

I wanna say a very special thanks to sy, for u have made me stronger than any other person ever had.. The times that are spent, good or bad, has been wonderful.. If I've done any wrong at all, I wanna apologize.. Yet again, even now, you still give me great strength and joy.. I will become stronger, and better.. Wish me luck in NS!! Gonna miss u..

Special thanks to jas, cos you too, have made me stronger without knowing it.. If it weren't for u, there'd be a lot of things tt wouldn't make me who I am now.. Take care and hope you'll find a great job.. Remember our pact!!

Special thanks to V6 and co, for always having those crazy outings, and I was never ever bored for a single moment.. It was comfortable juz being around you guys, and you too, have shown the doors to a whole new experience.. Gonna miss you all!!

Special thanks to the Zelva guys and NYJC guys.. U all rock man.. The outings, the fooling around, the jokes, the laughter, all too much to handle.. Will keep in contact, for sure..

And thanks, to everyone I know.. Rest assured, no one's left out in my mind.. It's been fun, really fun.. Now, you all take care k.. Gonna miss u all..

This has been Ahmad writing and saying goodbye.. If you got anything u wanna msg me about or tell me, u still can sms me or mail me at or Till we next meet, ciao!!

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