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Saturday, August 27, 2005

It's Alive.. ALIVE!

Like giving life to a lifeless Frankenstein, I'm surprised to say I'm gonna put up this lifeless blog up once again. It juz reminds me so much abt my past, and how much I've really missed out during the many many months I've not been blogging. I'm lost, and this blog is wad's gonna change tt fact. How lost am I? Let's juz say, NS life has made me lose direction, will and perpetually draining me intellectually. Somehow, something's different. Now tt I'm in another camp (which I knew abt it last minute being my PERMANENT camp), life's juz not the same. If onli it was at nee soon, I'd be so much happier.

Flashback: Ok, wad u've been missing out. I'm currently holding a vocation as a technician. Yeah, it's a cool job. Picked up my skills at OETI (famously known as Only Eat Talk Idle) at Ayer Rajah Camp, was posted to Nee Soon Dri-Clad camp for further technical experience, and finally (and unfortunately) at Amoy Quee camp permanently.

I'd like to pour out my dissatisfaction abt it, but I'd rather not. Why waste my blog space? =P

Anw, hmm, yesterday, went to celebrate Eileen Tan's bdae, or shud i call her the usual et. (It's on 26th August) My my, I've not been keeping track of ppl's bdae. It's tt bad huh. I din even msg her, but yeah, at least I was there for the party. U can always count me to be at one. (^^,) We went to Border's Bistro. I gotta tell you, tt place is quite ex, but it's really nice. Got some pretty delish dishes. Can't exactly rmb their names, but if u see the word "tortellini" and "cod fish", u juz gotta try those dishes. Delish delish delish! After tt, we juz talked and talked, took pics, and drew on the table paper sheet. (Hmm. Pretty economical, but izzit environmental? I wonder how much paper they've used.) U can ask for crayons, and draw on the table. Oh, "we", means me, xr, sher, siting and et. After lots of acitivity, and photos, we went to foot the bill. Being a staff over there (xr, et, siting works there) seems to have it's great privileges. We onli payed 41.75 buckaroos. Tt's amazing, considering we ate close to 200 bucks worth of food and drinks. (We ate a lot yup.) With full stomachs, we called it a day. Went home with xr and sher, while et was picked up by her father, and siting went to take a bus. Talked all the way on the ride home. It's good to catch up to ppl u've not seen for some time, and for one, forever. It was fun. Real fun. (Sher, u really are rare to meet up with. I'm quite glad we met yest. Wished our cab ride was a lil longer.)

(Eileen's mum is amazing btw. They both have the same bdae, and are 2 years apart. Talk abt efficient planning huh. A small space to applause her!)

I'm not juz abt to rant abt my life yet. My memories of the 8 mths or so not blogging need to catch up. Adios. And may I continue blogging regularly in e coming times.

Spiderman: With great power, comes great responsibility.
Me: With greater rank, comes greater pay. WOohoo! I'm a corporal now!

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