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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tying The Loose Ends

How is it so easy to juz let go and forget? Juz releasing the memories tt holds a great deal of worth, no matter the pain involved in juz remembering it. At least for me, it's really something I can't do. Tying the loose ends is how I always go about things. If there's things to settle, settle it. Who likes things halfway done anw? (Except for steak maybe?) Juz think of a half cooked chicken rice, soup, with an incomplete chilli sauce and black sauce? I dare u to eat tt and not puke. My fren has 3 exes, and it's not a bad thing. The no. of exes doesn't really determine wad kind of person you are. But, I asked him, did you settle things with them after everything? And except for one, yeah, things weren't really settled. Problems resurface, and there are moments where you think abt it, but it's foolish cos it's never going to reach a resolution. All you can do is ponder and ponder and ponder. And maybe a lil bit of regret too. Maybe he's right on one thing, which I kind of agree. Moving on really lifts the whole Titanic off ur chest. Juz move on. Such simple words. Juz kind of difficult to transit it into action. Maybe I'm juz a fool. It's slowing me down a lil rite now, but I'm trying to accept tt wad has been will be a has been. But if I cud, I'd definitely tie those loose ends of my life.

If there has been a rise in the no. of complaints received in my neighbourhood for noise disturbance, well, sorry my dear neighbours, but I can't get enuff of the electric guitar my fren lent me. =P OMG is the only expression on my face rite now. Love playing it, but been kinda tired. Been doing OT at work. And I mean, lots of OT. Feeling kinda down tt for 5 days in a week, u realli get nothing out of life except work with OT. You can onli escape by mingling with ur workmates. Lucky tim is there. I'd be dead bored if he weren't there. It sucks when you can't have fun even after work, juz cos of work. And I'm just talking abt playing the guitar only! Tt's life? Hope tt's bull.

Hoping to buy D'Addario XL 115, the kind of strings johnmayer uses. The guitar strings are seriously rusty. Takes e edge out of the sound. The amp's really good. It's Peavey. Gotta get me one of those. The guitar's not bad. Nothing beats Fender tho. Haha. Will definitely save up for tt. Now all I need to make it extra perfect is a size 10 spanner. Need it to fix the plug-in. ^^

Did physio for my knee today. Still hurts, and no answers. Got discharged cos I was "still young" and can take care of myself independantly. Wad the. Ok, fine, wadeva. I juz wanna find out wad's wrong with my knees at least. Can someone answer me tt?! Not all sulking today. Met ATW Wing SM, Master Tay! Haha. Funny. He has the same probs as me. I asked him how long has he had it. "Since 1997. It cannot be cured one." Thinking he has abt the same probs as me, maybe I shouldn't have asked? Haha. Maybe my knees are like tt. Maybe they're not. Gotta take extra care.

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