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Sunday, October 02, 2005


My oh my, I just can't believe it. I actually started driving. *gulps* (Good luck to you drivers out there. Now I understand tt driving is not really such an easy thing.) Well, it all started on saturday. I hadn't taken my BTT, so I had to do tt first. I had to pass it, cos if I don't, I'll keep on delaying my driving practicals more. Tt'll definitely suck. Luckily, I passed, and got my provisional driving license. (Let's hope it becomes a real license soon eh?) And straight after tt, I had a practical. I was definitely nervous. First time really on the driver's seat, taking command. But it was not tt bad actually, save a few problems with the clutch coordination. But I got used to it pretty well, and I was thinking, this might actually be fun. (Juz like when we were young, u'd ride those small lil cars or motorcycles in a small area, without a care in the world.) Then came today. Argh. Bloody hell, stupid car 107. The accelerator was definitely at fault la. It wasn't tweaked rite, and I couldn't control the pedal as much as I wanted to. I wasn't a driver. I was like a racer! The car went "VROOOoooom!!!" Cos the pedal will juz go down deeper on its own, thus, the higher acceleration. And tt stupid instrtuctor went on and on to scold me, saying things I already knew. I had to adjust. Nothing I could do abt tt shitty car. So yeah, tt made me shitty. It made me feel better I wasn't the only person scolding tt car. Gave my fren Bert a call, and he told me the exact same thing abt tt car. Ok guys, here's a tip. If you're going AMK for ur driving practicals, if u ever get car 107, juz sacrifice tt 60 plus bucks and save urself the torture. I bet tt car is used by shitty instructors who want someone to scold at, knowing tt the accelerator pedal sucks.

I have 150 bucks worth of shopping voucher at john little. So I went ahead to town to shop for clothes, cos hey, I really am in need of em. Anws, shopping alone was kinda eye opening. No one's there to pressure you. You just take your time, your own pace, and really, not have to worry about asking ur fren, "Hey, how bout this? Nice? Hmm. The colour leh? Is it too big?" Seriously, questions like these are quite unnecessary. They're just impulse kind of questions. Just go to the fitting room, try it on, and judge. Can never always rely on someone else. Just be urself, and if it sucks or rocks when ppl look at you next time, just be content with the fact tt it's your style. (And if you really did buy something sucky like some rainbow-coloured polo shirt or jeans tt look like they've been in the mud too long, WTF man?!) Anw, I only spent 50 bucks. Still got 100 bucks waiting in line, juz waiting to be used. Heh heh heh.

Den met xr and siting. They're working in some hotel called "Four Seasons Hotel". Now, hmm, I've been in singapore for a long time now, so naturally, I'd relate it to the bakery. Haha. Tt sure irritated siting a bit. Still looking lively. I wan an outing!

Went to wally's house soon after. His mum really cooks the best maggi in town. It's like, maggi, with veges, fishcakes, fishballs and egg, oh and ingredient x, which I am making up, but it is NOT a normal maggi. =] And the presentation is first class. I shall call her my maggi shifu. (^^,) Then me and wally juz talked and played guitar. It's always fun at wally's. There's always something to do. Playing guitar. Watching movies. Double chatting on msn. Talking. John Mayer videos and such. Funny video clips and commercials. Really, lots more. And his marine fish tank is really cool. It's just damn relaxing to look at it. (I have a picture of it in my multiply account.) Shall have a sleepover soon. (Take care on your outfield.)

Fasting month's coming soon, and you know wad tt means? LESS SPENDING! Muahaha. It's about time anyway. I'm spending wayyyy too much. Need to start working on my savings. Tmr, I'm starting my recovery course in ayer rajah camp. Back to paradise once again. Wee. (Tt means less money spent on transport too. My mum sends me there. Sometimes I hitch a ride back home too.)

And daena, yes, my mike is shitty. -_- Hopefully tt'll irritate me enough to make me buy the webcam, like yours. Den we can chat on skype all we want. Heh heh. Still missing ya here man. Take care and enjoy school, jilly. Ooops.

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