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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I suddenly had the urge to write today. I don't know why, but heck, no one can really explain the mysteries behind sudden urges. Well, christmas day just passed, and what a christmas it's been, although I've not really been in character.

First up, christmas day itself, saturday. The gang had decided to come over to my house for a christmas party. =) Ok, there's a good and bad to this. First up, I rarely held parties at my house, so yeah, rarity makes it especially special. The down side was, I can't be totally a 100% Ahmad. I guess that's why I've been out of character. There's two sides of me people should know. The family side of me, and the friend side of me. As you may have guessed, I am totally different when my parents are around, and when they're not. I just don't want to show them that side of me. It's weird, I know that, but I just can't shake it off. I envy my friends who behave the same way they are outside as well as on the inside. I have my reasons, as well as my preferences I guess. It'd be so much easier if I could express myself more honestly.

So, astray from that, the people who were supposed to come were xr, et, jolene, siting, sher, edmuund, kexin, jasmine, jiahui. Like any other thing that's not perfect, some people couldn't make it at the last minute. So in the end, there was me, xr, et, siting, jasmine and jiahui. (They all looked gorgeous that night. The theme for them was to wear girly, for a funny reason. Haha.) I mean, it's ok, I don't mind some people not making it, but there were kind of a lot of food on the line. My bad for not anticipating this, but I'm content enough that about half of the food was gobbled down. (Spare the imagery. We ate with perfect etiquette. Heh.) There was fried bee hoon, fried tempura crab meat, fried octopus ball, fried chicken and otah-otah. Fattening, but do our taste buds complain? I don't think so! (^^,) Since there weren't that many people gathered, it was kind of pointless to stay on in my house. Whilst siting, jas and jiahui had to leave, the rest of us headed to somerset to meet up with the 4e4 cliche.

It was kind of eye-opening to see people from your past. I saw yuan ping, marcus, lionel, kaiwei, kangming, amongst which I'm more familiar with. They're still the same. It felt weird of me that I wasn't the same like them that night. I just didn't act like myself. It irritates me that during these joyous occassions, things like these happen, and you know very well it can't be reversed. But it was still fun. I apologise to my friends for being un-entertaining that night. More could have been given. =/ Anw, orchard can only be described with one word on christmas eve nite. CARNAGE. Everywhere, there were foam sprays, party ribbons. People sprayed on everyone and anyone. I don't know why, but some are racist to the point that they spray on any Indian or ang moh that walked past. I'm just glad that nothing came out of it. The 4e4ians had no trouble having fun, spraying between themselves. I just stood there, like a moron, admiring their comedy. I guess I was pretty disturbed by the fact that people sprayed on even the cars, as well as the racist thing I just mentioned. So I didn't join in. But I enjoyed mingling with old friends. Catching up. After the carnage, we went to watch Narnia at PS. I thought it'd be a great movie, but it didn't really meet to full expectations. While the animations and graphics were nice, including the funny beavers of the show, I wasn't really impressed at the end of it. It just didn't appeal to me. I guess it's because I've watched some of the best movies around, so in comparison, it didn't stand out. I'm becoming more of a movie critic now. Hmm, I like. =)

After the movie, we rested at the 24 Hr kopitiam somewhere in between dhoby and city hall. I must admit, I like walking around during early early mornings and midnight. It's so peaceful, that it just melts my heart. I like peaceful places, be it nature or town. It's something that's not really common nowadays. Et had to reach home by 630 to make it for her trip to msia that morning, so I suggested taking a taxi with her. I'd stay, but when someone like that is in need to get home that badly, I just can't resist but help. I'm a great pretender, and I'll tell why next time. So yeah, that ends my christmas.

For the day of christmas itself, it was my grandma's birthday. How cool is that, to have your birthday on a christmas. If only there was snow to liven the days here in singapore. That'd be perfect. So celebrated my grandma's birthday, mingled with my cousin, and had a zelva gathering that night. Zelva will always be something special to me. It's where I can really let loose and have fun. If only I wasn't down with a stupid flu and sore throat that night. Darryl was really nice to send me home in his car. I wanna drive. I really want to!! Soon, I hope. =)

I'd give more details, but I'm tired. I have guard duty tomorrow, and a fresh mind helps. It's late, and I'm gonna have to sleep. Merry belated christmas everyone. And a happy new year. Take care.

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