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Saturday, January 07, 2006

3 Vees.

Today's the day I officially become a sergeant. Hohoho. YEAH!!! Well, I'm more excited about the money I'll be getting than the rank actually, but being a sergeant has been one of my pre-NS goals actually. Feeling good about it. It also means that from today, it's officially 10 months to my ORD day. Finally, it's been this long huh. Halfway through, so I must hang on. Not that I despise what I'm doing to the max, but I'd love to come back to civilian life soon. That's when the chains that's bogging me down now will be lifted. =P

Well, I've met a lot of interesting people so far. I juz met this guy called Dawn Yeo, who I was doing duty with on thursday. He's studied in Australia all his life, after finishing his primary school here. He lives on a piece of land near the top of a hill, and has a clear view, with every meal at home, of the suburbs, which I think is awesome. This guy's place is definitely one I'll be going to visit if I go australia. It's damn easy to talk to him, cos he likes movies, and is an uncanny fan of X-Men. Haha. Wah, this is only the second person that I can talk about US comics to. (Darren was the first.) He knew his stuff in and out, and all those things I didn't manage to understand about all the X-Men sagas, he managed to make it mostly clear. Hohoho. Hail hail. (^^,)

Going to Paradise Island starting monday. What paradise u say? Of course, it's Ayer Rajah Camp, OETI! Ah, the memories. Love that place. But I'm doing some armour vehicles I think. That's kinda scary. Oh well.

I'm starting to learn a little bit of Adobe Photoshop. It's kind of cool, so I'm exploring what it can do. Look at my wife, Fina. She looks awesome rite? I love how it looks over here.

Well, that's about it. Getting back on track for driving. Better clear that advanced theory test soon. I've been slacking too much. Get cracking ahmad!!!

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