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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Advanced Through

Hohoho. I'm pretty happy right now. Just passed my Final Theory Test (FTT) yesterday. Woot. I must say, it was kind of tough. I take back my words of saying that it was easy. The questions are quite slick, always trying to deceive you to choose a deceptively right wrong answer. And since you're only given a maximum of 5 wrong answers, every question does count. Nevertheless, I really worked for it, and flashed a smile when I saw the "PASSED" come out on the screen. YEAH!!! Driving license, here I come. Better be at top form. =)

Was just watching the Roger Federer/Nikolay Davydenko match just now. That was one of the most heart-thumping tennis matches I've seen. It's complete with wonderful winner shots, frustrating unforced errors, and raw spirit from both sides of the court. I'd say Federer is not on his top form just now. He just didn't exhibit that same skillfulness I saw last year. Nevertheless, he is extremely good. No doubts about that. Keep going man!

I've been thinking about mirrors nowadays, and what I percept it to be. I always used to think that mirrors were the gates to another world, an alternate dimension. The image of yourself and your environment in it is all an illusion, a defence that prevents us from transversing through. When I was a kid, I'd test this guardian (which is the "me" there) by observing every movement he does, and try to spot a mistake. Alas, you know how futile that is. Haha. I still do it once in a while. That child in me still refuses to give up. Wonder what lies on the other side. =)

Today, we have been slaughtered by, get this, "The Angel Of Death". It's a nickname my platoon gave to an instructor when I was a trainee in OETI. When he speaks, oh my, I just feel like dying. I don't know if it's because of the monotonous tone, or the sianjupua face, but he really drives me to sleep. It's hard, really hard, to open our eyes. As one friend said, "It's like he's sucking out our soul." He is indeed, The Angel Of Death. Today was the first day. I still have 2 weeks with him. Someone please save me! -_-

Just got back with my wife today. The new action feels awesome! Feels like an electric if you ask me. I play even better now, but it's still a long road ahead. I really want to perform, so I must work hard, really hard, to improve my skills. Cost me 120 bucks though. I really should save up more soon, but someone's birthday is coming soon. Someone so humble that she wrote a journal of things she'd like on her birthday. Haha. Well, it helps though. I admire the fact that she's open to it and is not too secretive on what she wants. I'll try to meet her demands. There goes another expensive month. Not that I mind though. "True friends stick together". ;) All the best True Friend #4. (Forgot what number le.)

Oh, a toast to Kobe Bryant on scoring 81 points single-handedly in his recent game against Toronto Raptors. That must have been one hell of a night.

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