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Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Aftermath

First of all, I'd like to say happy birthday to mum, who turns 44 this year. Thanks for being such a dear mum, always being there for her son whenever he needs her. 44 is such a small number compared to the things you've done for me.

Ok, where shall I start? This is what I hate about breaks in blogging. It all piles up, and I have to write a long entry in the end. And sometimes, I forget all those good ideas in my temple too. Oh well, it happens. I'm not a geek who's feeding on computers every day anw. =) I'll try to make it short and sweet.

Let's see. Yesterday, went to west coast park to have a cohesion day. It's actually not for our BM course ppl, but somehow, we got in. Not that I mind. A day away from work really means a lot. Anw, west coast park is more beautiful than I had ever imagined. It's not like I saw the whole place, but the Macs was zen. There was a pond, trees around, and the morning ambience is amazing. If I ever needed a place to study, this would be it. Maybe when NTU comes along, this shall be my 2nd base of operations. The playgrounds there are damn big too. Adults are invited. Haha. Next time, I shall hold my bbq here. Looks rather fun. Y(^^,)

It looks like a chalet here. Taken from the Macs I was talking about.

My BM course people.

Went to "upgrade" my wife today. Lowering the action so that I can have a better time handling and pressing her neck. Quite glad that the guy-in-charge said she had not much of a problem, but it's gonna cost me 120 bucks. It's ok. I think it's a good investment to let him do his stuff on her body. A week of separation, so guess I have to busy myself with other things. I shall miss those slender curves, the smooth nect, the flowery tatoo of yours, your crisp brown texture. Argh, what shall I keep my hands on now?!?! Oh well, come back soon, my Fina guitar. =>

Tiramisu at Sketcher's tastes great. Can't say much about their main courses yet. Been there only twice. Shall experiment more on their menu in times to come. Here's a pic of their food mat, and an unfair pitcher of coke that costs 9 bucks. (They said 2 glasses of coke costs 8 bucks! What the..)

It's strange, how good it feels, to talk to someone who's so similar, so special, so rare in presence. Even in the long pause of anger, disappointment, happiness, eager anticipation, thoughts and memories, all that is put aside when both meet. So much to express, and yet so much to hold back. Did I truly express my heartfelt self, or was I behind a mask of insecurity and fear? Was I right in not saying the things I've longed to say for the better or worse? I do not know. All I know is, I love to talk to this person. No matter what, such a person is hardly ever replaced, and if ever, with great difficulty. It hurts as much as it relieves much joy in me. All I want right now, is to provide as many happy moments and wishes as I can. It may not be a ditto situation for me, but as long as I know what I want, I'm content, that I've met such a special person. Thank you, from the depths.

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