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Monday, January 02, 2006


There's no better way to welcome the new year than with a big bang. Fireworks of course. I gotta tell you, I'm in love with fireworks. Salutations to the chinese forefathers who discovered this glorious invention. (I bet they knew how to party. =P) It was only me and jasmine this time. Went to Sheare's Bridge near Esplanade to watch it. I'm quite glad I decided to go there and watch it. We were directly in front of the launch pad, 50 meters away, sitting on the railings of the bridge. It was a really nice view, with no obstructions this time round, unlike the Fireworks Festival back in 2003, where I sat near the Esplanade bay. The only trouble is getting there. We had to pass through puddles, grass, mud, and our sense of indirection, just to get there. It was fun though, cos talking really takes your mind off these things. So after long walks and doubts, we managed to reach the place.

The atmosphere was full of excitement. There were these Chinese tourists. I've never seen someone so excited and thrilled about fireworks before it even started. I'm not saying it's boring, but, being in Singapore all these years, I don't find many things here thrilling anymore. It was nice to hear laughter and all that. Makes me think of my younger days. Ok, I'm not a lao ah pek yet, but yeah, growing into adulthood makes you think back.


The fireworks began. And boy, was it a great feeling. I mean, you could really hear the bang in your ears, and even the wind effect from the explosions. Awesome! It lasted 10 full minutes, and although it may not be the best fireworks around, it was definitely awesome. There's just simply one word to say about it. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Thanks jas. Cos we were bums at home who had nothing to do, it was possible. Haha. For putting up with all the walking that nite, I will prevail in driving! And I'll come pick you up anytime. =)

Hope everyone will have a great year ahead. 10 more months, and I'm back to civilian life baby! =P Brings tears to my eyes. Haha. Ok, stopping here.

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