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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Someone, Get His Pulse!

I just went through a moment of excruciating pain today, physical pain to be precise. Gee, what the hell, &^%^&$&$, that's what I wanted to scream out till even the eskimos can hear me from the equatorial island of Singapore. What a terrible moment, something I had to bear for minutes, but felt like it lasted hours. Well, months actually. This problem has been plaguing me for quite some months already, except that it only recently activated itself to torture me in endless pain. It's a good thing that it's over, but hell, I don't think this will the last I'll feel it. Something tells me it'll be back, even stronger than this one. I'll be ready for you, evil one. I'll be damn sure to be ready. Till then, RIP.

Ha. Went to return two DVDs today at sgoon gardens (Sound Of Music and Swordfish), courtesy of VideoEZY, which probably is gonna be one of the places in Singapore I'll visit in high frequency. I love it there, and though not many people may be able to appreciate such a place, I feel it's some place I'll look forward to in working with. Movies, air-con, a bit of snacks and drinks, and a chair. Heaven. Hmm, only time will tell.

Support VideoEZY guys. Haha.

Speaking of work, there's a few places I've been considering working for after my NSF days are over. HMV (imagine all the dvds and cds I can buy at lowered prices), Swee Lee (if they even have a job vacancy. any guitar shop would do actually. haha), Fish & Co (cos I really like their polo tees), and event companies (i think they're pretty fun). Not that I can join that many at one time, but I'll move from time to time. I may settle in at HMV. Till I find more interesting places to work, these are my top choices.

Met et at her workplace. The tiramisu's not bad, but I can't say the same for the "Rum & Raisins". Didn't really like it, or maybe it's because I've never tasted something like it before. Gonna try more flavours next week. It's been hot lately. Ice-cream really helps. Gelato to be more precise.

"Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert made from milk (or also soy milk) and sugar, combined with other flavourings. The gelato ingredients (after an optional pasteurisation) are super-cooled while stirring to break up ice crystals as they form. Like high end ice cream, gelato generally has less than 35% air - resulting in a dense and extremely flavorful product.

Gelato has become a generic Italian word for ice cream, though true gelato contains no cream. The same word is commonly used in English speaking countries to refer to "ice cream" that is prepared in the Italian way."

Taken from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is quite an awesome site. It has information on just about anything. I would say that all its historical, scientific and even comic details are pretty accurate. Heck, you can even find the full details of the X-Men or Spiderman sagas there, in vivid detail. Definitely a site worth seeing. (Psst: Even Felicia Chin's in it. Haha. Don't go bonkers now guys.) Thanks again et. Thought I could at least chat with you, but you seem rather occupied. Oh well, next time. \(^^,)/

I met lynn today too. Guess how? She was the girl behind the counter of VideoEZY. Of all places to meet, it had to be there. Haha. It was a gleeful moment. I like meeting people unexpectedly like this. You'd talk for a while, laugh a little here and there, and catch up from the time you last met, all that in a short moment. It may not be informative down to the last detail, but at least you know, we're all connected somehow. It's good to know she's doing ok and looking good. Hope to see her in future again. Take care.

You know, I'm pretty sure there are people I don't know of who's reading all this. Usually, I'll only invite those I know to read this blog. It's nothing too personal, but yeah, if you're even human, you should respect what I'm asking of you. I never liked to peep into other people's lives without them being aware of it, and I'd never probe into anything unless they wish to open up to me themselves. It's because I respect that everyone has their own problems, their own special memories they'd rather keep to themselves. What's the use of going to a party you're not invited to. The end result would not be fulfilling, I'll tell you that. I'm just saying this, to anybody and nobody. The choice is yours to make. Only you would know if you should be here.

Ok, it ends here. I bit adieu. Take care peeps.

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