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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Temptation changes people. I believe in temptation being a cruel form of mental torture. Should I? Should I not? Why should I? Why I should not? Questions keep on rolling to encourage and discourage you to do something, up to the point where you're not even sure what you're thinking of in the first place. You lose track of your intentions, you lose yourself. That's when anything and anyone can change you to something you're not.

I support change, but please, be wise in the direction in which you take. Stay true, to yourself, and nothing else, because being a follower means having no other direction to go other than that of his/her masters. Please, stay true.

Went on a long walk in town today with a fren. An extremely long one at that, with a few pit stops to eat. =) Collected my Nokia 7610 from the Nokia Center at Wheelock, after a 1 month absence. Wad happened? Let's cut it short. It got crushed by a double decker SBS Bus Service 99 outside the bus stop of The Chevrons near Jurong. Haha. I must be the only idiot with something like that happening. Shall not elaborate. (^^,)

Went shopping all around town. Bought windows, windows, and more windows. Phew, that is surely one expensive shopping experience. ;) Lots of guitarists in town today. Think it's because of the Superband going around at Youth Park today. I'd never join something like this. I mean, Superband. Sounds a bit tut. Imagine you win it and like, people call your band Superband. Sounds like they're guys who wear their undies on the outside. Clark Kent would have been so proud! *sobs*

Oh, I met Hsing Chieh and Xin Yu today on my way back from the driving centre. Cheers to the gorgeous ladies, who still look great mind you. ^^ (Don't worry, I'm just complimenting.) Think they're applying for some test. Not sure if they're newbies, but all the best ladies.

Speaking of driving, I'm about finished with mine. Tomorrow's my last lesson. And 24th this months is my FTT. After that, all that's left is the TP. Please, let me run this final lap with all I can. Ok, not in the mood to put in pictures this time, so, hope this entry is not too boring to the eyes. Cya.

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