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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Worst Driving Ever

Dots. I drove rather terribly today. Kids using the electric cars under the void deck will definitely outclass me. Think they drive much more safer than me. Haha. After a month's break away from driving, I was really rusty. Struck the kerb twice, parking was horrigible, I was not smooth in transition, and I was really depressed ar. Ok, not so depressed that I'd commit a crash party, but, I was disappointed with the fact tt I'm nearing a TP soon, and with this kind of driving, I doubt a license is close at hand.

It's time to re-focus myself to that glittering safe driver on the road who'd do no wrong. Seriously, I MUST! I want to drive! I really do, for myself and others. Well, let me show you what I'd be driving after I get my license.

Hoho. This, my friends, is a Suzuki Liana. The only difference is that mine is golden in colour. I think the car is pretty good and cool. It has a digital speedometer and such, it's really spacious, and is affordable. I'm gonna have a good time with it, I just know it! =P Keep wishing me guys. I'm gonna need it.

Passed my advanced theory trial test too today. Gonna try even harder to pass it soon.

Ok, I know this is nothing really special, but to me it is. I saw a chicken at a bus stop. Haha. I dunno where the hell it came from, but it was sure funny to see one. It looked like it wanted to take a bus. I wonder if it's returning home after a hard day's work at the chicken pen. Hope it's safe. (A colonel might be lurking somewhere in the dark for it.)

On a side note, I liked the King Kong fight with the 3 T-Rexes. (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Here's another match-up I'd like to see King Kong go against. Have fun rumbling. Y(^^,)> Wonder who'd win.

Tried Chocolate Of A Thousand Leaves at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf yesterday. It was so-so. I wouldn't really recommend you buying it. Oh, Sushi Tei rocks balls! Gonna bring more money next time and spend like crazy.

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