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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I've been returning my rented VideoEZY dvds late like crazy. I think I'm getting a gold olympic medal soon for it. Haiz. Just remembered today that I still have yet to return my dvd. It's Saving Private Ryan. The worst part of it all? I haven't even watched it yet! What a loser. You must be thinking that. Argh! Just what the hell have I been doing these days?! I don't know, but I'm starting to hate the computer more nowadays. No, it's not the performance. It's just that, I seem to make it a daily routine to touch the computer. Knowing me, I tend to do things by reflex. Like sometimes, I just barge out of my room and straight into the kitchen several times to find food or drinks. But the thing is, I'm not hungry or thirsty. So in the end, I'll just stand there like a fool, and think to myself: Huh?

Reflex actions are not bad actually. It makes life so much easier, because you're so familiar with what you want to do that it seems almost effortless. But hmmm, if there's too much of it, you'll get me. Here's a list of reflex actions that I, Mr Ahmad, somehow happen to notice:

1. When I go into the bathroom, I take out my shirt. (Point is, I'm not even intending to bathe. What the hell la Ahmad.)
2. My hands will always look for the light switches unknowingly, everywhere I go in my house. (I like to save energy, so I spend lots of energy flicking switches on and off. Think I'm growing some amazing powers here.)
3. I'll tap 4/5 areas to check my belongings quite regularly, mainly for my wallet, keys, handphone, watch and a bracelet. (Hey, I've lost too many things already, and almost lost the most important things. It's a good reflex ok! Although a little scary when you feel that one of the things are not there. Brrr.)
4. In town, sometimes I tend to get to the wrong place because of the usual routes I take. My body will just drift away on its own. (Hmmm, maybe that's why I get those deja vu feelings sometime?)

Well, that's about all I can remember right now. But yeah, there have been rather funny times. I just can't recall. Oh well, that will have to do. Note to self: RETURN THAT DAMN DVD! Argh! Imagine all that money I could have saved from the overdue fines.

There's something I'd like to ask here. Do I look approachable? It seems like, I attract quite a lot of people. And by people, I mean, strangers. Utterly complete strangers. There was once I was walking towards the traffic light to cross over to the bus stop near my house, and suddenly, this car stopped in front of me. I thought: Oh gosh, I'm going to get kidnapped today. But no, the woman in the passenger seat said, "Boy ah. Do you know how to get to Hougang Mall?" I mean, how often does a car stop beside you to ask these questions? (And a simplistic one too.) And in another separate event, I was approached by this army fellow who knew nothing about MMSing, or about handphones for that matter. So I had to teach him for like minutes, explaining to him about Bluetooth, Infra-Red, GPRS, GPRS Plans, yadda yadda. And I wasn't really the only person in the bus, so hmm, yet another coincidence. There have been a lot of times too when I gave people directions in town or near my home. There were two ladies who asked me to take photographs for them. There was this street promoter who wanted to sell me perfume and we got into a heated debate when she called me an NCC boy, and we exchanged numbers. There were these teenage girls who, of all people, asked me to take pictures for them, and I was with another girl, and they were like "Oh-oh, are we disturbing" kind of reaction. (I think they were trying to hook me up. Haha. Cute.) Argh, there's a lot la. I'm okay with helping, by all means, ask me. It's just that, I always thought I looked very "GWAR!". It's funny to think they'd approach me. Heh. Oh well, it's just a thought. Think I'm going to ask all my friends this question, although I'm quite sure I'll get shitty replies. =)

I've been rather confused lately. I wish I had someone I can talk to right now about it. (Cue: Daena!!!) Lol. Haiz, you nut. I really want to talk to you. I'm having duty this saturday, and will be back sunday morning. Hope to see you, really do. I have certain issues to raise, and I think you'll have a good time about it. (Note: Good can be an omen.) I don't even know why I'm blogging about it here. See, this is the extent of my confusion. Hyah.

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