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Monday, March 13, 2006


Chores. A word so sacred, it's banned from my house. It's something I've forsaken since long ago, and it still is at present. It doesn't seem to be able to cling to my head, but would somebody, oh somebody, please whack the word inside my head right now!! Argh!! My room is rather messy. I have to clean up soon. As a man, I have to take that step forward to set things right, so that the rulers of the house will be pleased by my actions, preventing storms and ritual sacrifices from happening. It's been pretty peaceful still, but I know, guilt just hangs on to me for its dear life every single day. I know my mum doesn't like the way my room is now, but I've been a sloth. I only clean my room when I feel like it, and let me tell you, that's a rare side of ahmad you'll ever see. Alas, now that I've written it, my butt is itching to set off and let me do my part of the chores. I'm almost 20. This shouldn't be the way I should live. Must train for my future wife!! Bless me on my arduous challenge. This will be my biggest ordeal yet.

PS: If I do not make it back alive, go to malaysia, buy a coney dog, and bury it in my grave.

Ok, I'm off. Better start cleaning up now and get the habit started, just like the way I restarted my habit of blogging. Let me admit one more crime of being a sloth at uploading pictures. Sorry dudes and babes, I'm too lazy to do that these days. Forgive me. In the mean time, enjoy this clip from youtube.

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