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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Was talking to my friend yesterday while I was outfield. He's going to ORD soon, but he's signing on to the army as an officer. I'm glad for him, even though I don't fancy a career in the army. At least being an officer is a saving grace. He's not the slacker kind, to join just because he can become an officer, but more on the fact that he wants to be the best officer there is. He's aiming for Guards Officer. Neat. Haha. All the best dude.

Anw, besides that point, we talked about his new relationship with this girl. It's a difficult situation for him, as both of them are like black and white in terms of background. (Not sure if that applies to the skin colour too. Haha. Ok, kidding. He's an indian btw.) His girl is an arab in origin, and a muslim to boot. My friend is an indian, and a christian. Once he finished stating this fact, I was like, whoa, oh my god. Haha. But no, I'm not against the pairing. It's just that, in the future, they will face a lot of complications, not because of them, but the external pressure that's placed on both individually. Christianity and Islam are very tedious religions. It's strict to the point where the people who marry the person must be of the same religion, or at least, converted to that religion. Both religions also offer differing views of their god, although it has been disputed that in context and content, it's almost the same. So here we have a big match-up between both religions in my friend's relationship. I'm wishing him all the best, and that somehow, they will find an answer to this. I'll be waiting for the answer.

There's an overseas excercise in October. I really want to go. I don't care if it's going to exceed my ORD, which is on 7th November. I just want to go! I'm going to keep pressing my OC to send me. Wish me luck guys.

Anw, take a look at this:
This is surely one whacked person. I'm speechless. If you have 11 min to spare, take a look yup.

I remembered the time when me and daena were talking at her house, about how there are very few good female guitarist. (Of course, this conversation after we talked about how good john mayer is.) I've found someone who's about john mayer's standard. Introducing Tristan Prettyman. Ok, don't mind the name, she's still female ok. She's the best fetarist (female guitarist) I've ever seen. Smooth in her vocals and smooth in her guitar at the same time. That's quite a hard thing to achieve, speaking from experience. Her skills are not all about chords and strumming, as is the case with most fetarists, but she handpicks and hammers away as easily as putting on your underwear. (No one can go wrong there.) I'm going to support her and john mayer. They're both my favourite guitarists right now. I'm leaving out the other guitarists I like right now, but I'll make a session on that for another day. In the meantime, visit her sites.

It's 10 am here right now. So rare to be home on a weekday morning. I love it! But I've got to go soon. Still must report back to camp by 1. I'll just admire the morning right now. =) Bye.

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