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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

On Rice Bowls

You know, this may not be totally concerning only NSFs or Army, but I'm relating it to those right now. I've heard regulars speak about filling their rice bowls, on how much their work means to them. By rice bowls, it refers to the money raked in every month. We, the working people, work for our rice bowls, to ensure that night by night, it is not empty, that our stomachs remain arched, and the word starvation cease to exist. Unfortunately, are NSFs filling up their rice bowls?

It just doesn't seem fair to me. Sure, we get enlisted because we must protect our country, to provide that deterrence of attacks from foreign powers. We get together, no matter the religion or race in which each of us uniquely originate from, and harmonise as one. There may be a few racist jokes about here and there, but I've seen it in good fun and in the open. But, now ladies and gentlemen, the work that we are untrusted with, THAT doesn't seem to come with a good consolation to comfort our way of thinking. We get pushed around, placed with more responsibility and workload than we actually should have, and still get stepped on like we're insignificant little ants. I'm not saying everyone's like this in there, because. It's just, let me put it this way, MOST! If I were to describe their rice bowls, it'd be mountainous, because our rice are on theirs. Our pay is really not up to the actual value in the real working world. We are definitely worth much more than what we are being given now. It is definitely not a good impression that's left on me. More than a year has passed, and this is what's pressed on me. Sure, people might say I should give suggestions so that they can improve. I say no to that. Go ahead and try to think of it yourself. I'm sure that through the years of golden experience, you have something to say about it all. Yet, ironically, where'd all the good suggestions come from? Hmmm, ponder about that people.

I can only console myself with the fact that there's 8 months left. Hmm, let me make it sound better. 7 months, and 20-something days. Heh. Ok, enough with the rant. Time to say goodbye.

7:30 PM