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Sunday, March 26, 2006

V For Mayer

Today's a good day, albeit the accumulated fatigue that's been plaguing me for the past 1 month. And here's reasons why it is one.

1.Distributed coke light to the masses at bedok this morning. Things went very smoothly, and I got to meet all kinds of aunties, uncles and kids, all grinning in anticipation of getting a free chilled bottle. 'Free' is a powerful word. At the first moment, they're unsure of taking the bottle. Once they hear the word 'free' or 'pian fei' (not sure if i spelled correctly for the chinese term), there was a glimmer in their eyes and broad smile given. I'm not putting them down, but you know, how often do you get free goodstuff? They were all very polite to say 'thank you' or 'xue xue' when they received one, but it leaves to wonder, what if it was not free? Hmmm. I'm getting too skeptical of Singapore. Alas, I'm still happy because I get to keep their Coke Light shirt. Haha. I love it!

2.Met up with kai xin. (thanks for correcting the spelling of your name after nearly more than 3 years knowing you. heh.) She's still the same, save for her hair, as she dyed it in the brown range of colours. Looks nice on ya yup. Haven't seen this girl for more than a year, and it's good to know that there's lots to catch up on. I always brag about how we started knowing each other, and I think it's pretty cool. It's basically like this. I commented that she was cute to a fren. Somehow it got to her, and she thought I liked her. I was approached by my female classmate who asked, with a serious face, "Ahmad, u like kai xin is it?" I was a bit surprised, and could not surmise why it came to that at first. After the realization, I went up to her and talked it out. Been good friends ever since. Haha. All this was during my first three months in srjc. Srjc is still a good memory I hold. =)

3.Watched V For Vendetta. My god. The dialouges were powerful, and concept, stupendous. It's been such a long time since I've enjoyed such an intelligent movie. The cast was perfect and the scenes are well organised. The action scenes and theatrics were more than enough of a bonus. And lastly, V is just damn bloody cool la! I'll put the two thumbs up for this one. Think weilien will have trouble coming soon from me. Haha. (Watch out dude! You know what I want!) If there's one thing that I regretted about the movie, it's about not catching some of the dialouge with clarity. I want to read the script.

4.Finished downloading the 2nd volume of johnmayer tv appearances, after two days. Browsed through just now. Looks really great! Shall savour it tomorrow.

Thanks kaixin for a wonderful day of catching up on lost time. Take care yup.

"I want to be pi. It just goes on and on..." - John Mayer
(Heard this on one of his interviews. He was talking about his music. May not be entirely accurate, but the concept is there.)

Note to self: Find out about Redang, Malaysia.

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