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Friday, April 14, 2006


Went ice-skating today, something which I've not done in more than a year, maybe close to two. Haha. It was really a nice feeling, amidst all that cold atmosphere and chilling ice-water below that soaks your feet. What I meant by 'a nice feeling' was concerning the memories that place hold, and the significance of ice-skating in my life.

I remembered the first time I tried ice-skating. A friend, josline, introduced it to me, as she and her friends organised a celebration for her cousin's birthday at kallang ice-skating center. (Kallang has no more ice-skating activities as of now. Been gone for quite a long time.) Being a blader, it took me quite a short time to figure out how to maneuver. And soon, I found myself loving ice-skating. Maybe there's just something about me and cold temperatures. I love the cold, which can mean a lot of things if scrutinised in a literature approach. Soon after, I had a frenzy of coming to kallang about twice a month, but it didn't last long, because there was always a limit. Yes my friends, the clue is ka-ching. Alas, every visit with long breaks in between seems special to me, even till now.

It was where I experienced snow. Not literally, and I'm not talking about the foam that sprays out from the ceiling. I'm talking about the scraps of ice powder that lie on the ice ring. I'd gather some up, roll into a ball, and start my rounds of mischief. (You gotta admit, it is rather fun albeit the evil intentions.)

It was where I got to hold hands with a girl I like. (This was in Jurong East.) Don't take it as I did it intentionally and purposely, but you know, beginners need non-beginners to help out, if you know what I mean and put aside that thought of "hey-hey-cheeky-mad". So yeah, holding hands with that girl, it was definitely a nice feeling. (When else can you ever hold the hands of the girl you like besides in a relationship?!)

It was where I could really race around with excitement. There's so many people, it gives me andrenalin to move around at a fast pace while evading scores of other skaters in my path. It's like Burnout, only a lot less speed. It definitely beats beating the traffic in an Orchard underpass on a weekend. There's just no thrill and speed in that. Although, I confess, I do pretend to evade people at times, walking like it's a Walk-a-thon.

It was where I could wear my sweater freely. Haha. Ok, this is rather insignificant, but yeah, Singapore is so hot, it'd be absurd to walk around in a sweater. I love sweaters, and I did wear it at times out in the hot weather here. What a fool I was. Maybe I still am?

So today, while skating, it really brought back a lot of memories. More so because I went with my army buddies, people who had played no part in the previous chapters of my life. I miss everyone who were on the ice ring with me.

Aarti, Kexin, Sherying, Jasmine, Li Yee, Darren, Youxiang, Dai Yuan, Josline, Hui Shen, Hui Ling. I've left out some others, but please don't think you're not important. It's just me. Someday, we'll be back together again on the ring. I'm sure we can all enjoy the cold in our warm, sometimes scorching, Singapore.

"I choose, by choice, of choosing the chosen choices choicingly"
A line I made. Does it make sense?

Oh, 'center' and 'centre' really irritated me these past few months. I finally got down to it and searched the correct words to use in any sentence. Ah, bliss.

Center: Just think of a shopping center.
Centre: Just think of the middle of a circle.

Oh, take a look at this. My friend went and cut a cake in such a wonderful manner. These 3 letters mean a lot to a person like me.

I look forward to it.

Shiver me timbers. Port side to my bed side! Goodnight crew!

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