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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fungus Amongus

Went to the National Skin Center (NSC) recently to have my foot checked. I was originally scheduled to have that appointment to get rid of my wart/corn on my right toe. But the efficient planning and resources of SAF let me suffered another 2 months plus before I could even get rid of it. And to put icing on the cake, by the time my appointment came around, my wart/corn has already come off, after daily removal of layers by using a razor, thanks to my dad. Wow, thanks SAF! The long weeks of pain sure paid off.

It was quite embarassing to go for the appointment without a wart to remove, but I did have other skin problems that came around, fortunately. It seems to be a fungal infection on the soles of my feet. Wee! So there, I still get to visit NSC. I was kind of interested what kind of place it was, and it didn't disappoint. Though the exterior looks mighty old, the inside is really high tech. And the staff are really helpful. I'd say hotels may have a run for their money with their kind of service. My only disappointment was not being able to experience having nitrogen sprayed on my wart. I was curious to know how painful it is.

The fungus is kind of irritating. It itches, and it burns. And when you wear shoes, it's just quite irritating. Thankfully, it's not deadly. Oh well, hope it gets better soon.

I calculated the number of days till I ORD. It's 202! Ooh, better make early reservations for fireworks. =)

8:29 PM