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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Green Arrow Of Doom

I am enternally hating green arrows from now on. You know, that little thing that pops up when a traffic light goes red, telling you to "Go right! Go Right!". It flashes, and then blinks a little bit, and then goes back to its dormant little cave to sleep, and be awoken minutes later. Or so I thought.

Haiz, you can probably guess why I even wrote on something like this. Yes, I am sad to announce I've failed my driving test yesterday. I got 30 points, and the green arrow caused me 10 points. I could have passed, but no, I had to encounter that green arrow. Why?! It only just blinked a measly 2 times and just died. What worth is it to have it blink 2 times?? Might as well leave it out right?? Because a time span that short is sure to confuse a few people. I hated it.

Alas, I can't solely blame the green arrow. Maybe, it's for the best. I must say, I was content that my course was perfect, except for moving off in the wrong gear once after an emergency break. Other that that, the only flaw was that green arrow. Here's the story.

I was instucted to turn right at the cross junction. I positioned my car into the right lane, and was prepared to do a right turn. The road was crystal clear, and all seems good. When suddenly, it went red, and the green arrow blinked two times immediately. Where was I at the end of this sequence? Just behind the stop line. So what should I do? Go on and beat the red light? Or stop and stay safe?

I was in a loss of choice to make, alas, choosing safety, in which the driving school name implies (Singapore Safety Driving Cente, SSDC), I stoppped, but ended up halfway on the pedestrian crossing. That cost me ten points. Argh! I could see at that point, the tester had no intention of passing me anymore. Imagine, I had thirty points. Let's do some math here.

I have thirty demerit points.

Let's take away the green arrow penalty.

Thirty minus ten equals twenty.

I can only have eighteen points maximum to pass. So basically, he picked on me for measly things, which could be disregarded. I COULD have passed. Haiz, a fail is a fail. So yeah, buck up and move on I guess. I shall better myself, as some things he said were true about me. My moving off is rather slow. That was the main emphasis he had on me. I will succeed!

The only thing I hate now, is the three months of waiting. My next test date is on tenth july. Once again, I'll have to work hard. For a good cause of course.

Oh, a mass apology to those who I had promised rides. I'll still keep my promise, but I need more time I guess. Wait for me. =)

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