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Saturday, April 22, 2006


For every person that we know of, and do not, we will always hold a certain level of impression of that person. From a single experience, or a constant exposure to a person, a picture is formed in our minds to acknowledge that person. It can be that you saw someone giving his or her seat to the elderly or pregnant ladies. It might be that you've heard good remarks from people around you, thus the first meeting leads to high expectations of expected proportions. It might be good, it might be bad, but it might not be entirely accurate. All this comes down to your powers of observation and experience. Just how do we exactly judge people?

I do not have a good judge of character and all that jazz. What I do know is that I generally give everyone a fair grade in the middle when I first meet them. I do not care if there were bad remarks of a person in the past, or that someone has a buzzing popularity among the public, because it is unfair to speak of someone you do not know of on a personal level. I can hear people say good and bad things of people, but those are their words. How can I possibly bindly take it in and spread it around like some disease? It's just wrong. Hence, it's because of this I like to interact, to slowly come to terms of who this or that person really is. Whether the impression rating rises or dips, it all comes to those moments of interaction.

I've come to realise first impressions are phony. It got me thinking recently. Not that anything bad has happened to me to a point of deception, but, I tend to think that if I've not talked to someone for more than a week's worth in my life, (or around that timeframe), you are basically still talking to a stranger. There's a difference between knowing a name, and knowing the existence behind the name. Do I only know names? Yeah, maybe some. Not that I want it to be that way. There's just not enough points in my life that intersect with these people. I hope to complete the paintings of these people in my life, for they too hold a certain space in my life.

I've been thinking about my future career. Not that I have a job in mind, but I was thinking just what kind of a job would incorporate my interests as a whole. I love physics, photography, journalism, arts, music, robotics and nature. It scares me to think that I still don't have a clear idea on where Mass Communication will take me. I've searched the career prospects in minute details, and the results are not impressive. Is pay really a factor in my life? I hate to admit it, but sometimes, the truth looms. I'd hate to think that my life only holds a financial value instead of personal values, yet, ignorance would be a foolish move. I definitely want to live a fulfilling life, as well as fulfilling the lives of people whom I love. Just how do I mix these two?

Ah. These questions definitely cannot be ignored for long. Somehow, I hope to find my answer.

2:34 AM