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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rekindled Memories

Today has been a rather packed day. Went to town to return my overdue book, but due to some miscommunication with wally, I couldn't get to the library to do so in the end. Haha. Oh well, time is still on my side I guess. I shall complete this quest on monday. Why monday? Because tomorrow, I'm having duty!! Argh!! Oh well.

After that, went back home with wally to touch on our audition numbers. Played 'Cannonball' by Damien Rice, '3x5' by John Mayer, 'No Such Thing' by John Mayer, 'Doors' by Wally (his own song. not bad), 'Back To You' by John Mayer and some other random songs. In the end, we only performed 'Cannonball' and 'Daughters'. It was a good experience, getting comments from someone not our age and someone who's a total stranger at the cafe. Indeed, I do feel I'm not ready for this. Progressive improvement is my aim. Until I feel that I've reach a decent enough level, maybe I'll come back once again.

Then, it was back to school. Literally. Haha. Went to pay a visit to Nanyang Junior College once again for Synergy. We didn't have tickets, but due to the understanding students there, they were kind enough to let us in. Albeit not having seats, it was still a good enough gesture. Valerie came to join us too, and we met up with xinyu and patricia too. Good to see them all again. You're all looking good. (Does university have some effect??) After the amusing performances, we headed out to serangoon gardens for some munch. Feels like old times. Went to the same place where I ate my worst dare ever. (>.<) Had fun mingling and fooling around with them. I'm getting older, but we're all getting older together. As john mayer said, "Let's grow old together. That might be fun." Haha. I agree.

Think I've spent a little too much today. Not like I've spent much on other days, so it's justifiable. (I hope. Haha.) But I'm improving. Hohoho.

Well, that's it. That ends another weekend day. Monday's Labour Day, so hmm, maybe it's not so bad. Good night.

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