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Monday, May 08, 2006

Ghost Writer

It is something which has eluded me for so long. Ghost Writer has definitely been one of the more interesting TV shows for me out there when I was young. Despite the simple theatrics used for the Ghost Writer himself (he looks like a ball with eyebrows), the mysteries more than make up for it.

Mr Ghostwriter. =)

Why am I suddenly talking about this? It is out of pure coincidence actually. Went to the National Library today to borrow some books, that of which I've been deprived of for a few weeks now. I had not set my mind for any book, so I casually browsed through the shelves, hoping to eye some interesting books, and covers. (Covers and text quality play a big part for me in choosing a book.) Then it came around. 'Boo' by Rene Gutteridge. The cover is just a simple abstract of a cat on a creamy background. Simple and nice. So I started reading it and it turned out to be quite a page turner too. Reading the synopsis, the last line wrote:

Rene Gutteridge is the author of Ghost Writer and Troubled Waters.

It definitely rang a bell, and suddenly, I was surged by memories of the TV series Ghostwriter. Although I was intrigued by the title, the series and the book are written by different writers, and are different in terms of sotryline as well. Here's the link for the series.

Here's an excerpt from the 'Ghostwriter Unofficial Website':

"Ghostwriter is the story of a ghost that has been inside a book for many years and is unleashed when the book is dropped from a shelf in Jamal Jenkins' basement. The ghost is very confused and it finds that it can read words. It can also take letters from written words and use them to spell out messages. It uses Jamal's computer to write to Jamal and at first Jamal is really scared. Then Jamal begins to write to the ghost and Jamal doesn't see the ghost as something scary to him anymore, but a friend. The ghost is given the name Ghostwriter because it's a ghost and it writes: ghost+write=Ghostwriter. Ghostwriter looks like a glowing ball with a furrowed brow (that's how I'd describe him). Not everyone can see Ghostwriter and the next person to encounter the friendly ghost is Lenni Frazier followed by Alex Fernandez and his little sister Gaby. Each of the kids are already connected to one another (Lenni lives in the apartment above Alex and Gaby's parent's store and Jamal knows Lenni and Alex because they all go to the same school), but Ghostwriter brings them closer together. Every show is has a mystery to solve and the kids soon find out that Ghostwriter can help them find clues that they wouldn't normally be able to get. They join together to form the Ghostwriter Team."

The Ghostwriter Team.

Simple structure, but beautifully elaborated in every story arc. It does not only dedicate one episode for a mystery, but around five. It is this lengthening of a story arc that kept me glued to the series. I remembered that when a mystery was solved, it was always worth the wait. Haha. This is another classic that was underrated and underappreciated. The series was cancelled due to lack of funding. Man, if only I was richer then to give them my support!

So here's to Ghostwriter, another influential chapter of my life. You rock man! I really loved the series.

Here's a link to the unofficial website.

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