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Monday, May 01, 2006


Ouch. I loved the song 'The Hurt' by John Mayer so much, I practically hurt my finger as I studied his video and strained my ear to learn this song. Finally knew how to play it, and I'm ninety-five percent sure it's correct. Then played over and over and over till I could sing while playing too. Now my right index finger has got a cut, and one of my strings is smeared with a little bit of blood. Haha. 'The Hurt' hurts.

Whilst walking through town today, I realised the value of someone's face. You may have a hot bod, or a hunky-dory body, but all that can drown away when you see someone's face. I guess I did see someone with a hot bod today, but that thought just faded away when I saw the face. Haha. No offence, just a reaction. Singaporeans generally have nice faces. Just that sometimes, it tends to be quite ah lian or ah beng. Nonetheless, one thing I can say about the ladies. They dress to kill! I don't usually notice it, but going around alone in town today was quite an eye-opener. Sorry if I sound pervertic. I'm a guy. What do you expect? =P

Bought a Revoltage shirt today. Went to Swee Lee to get the string cleaning solution. Went to Skool to check out their merchandise, but was quite disappointed that one of their shirts didn't have a medium size. Said they'll be renovating this week, and it'll be restocked by the next weekend I think. Shall go there again soon. Oh, the Epson corner in Wheelock Place has excellent photographs. I'm awed by the quality of today's entries. Please have a look people.

Hmm. There's really quite a lot of things I need to do in town. Shall put up a small section of this entry to remind myself what they are.

1.Check out Takamine guitars.
2.Check out Levi's merchandise and spend.
3.Have a visit to Zara.
4.Visit National Library to borrow more books.
5.Revisit Skool for their new merchandise and spend if necessary.

On a side-note, please remember to confirm the rollerblading outing.

Let's call it a day. I'm tired.

8:02 PM