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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Silence Is Black And White, And Maybe Blue

I'm not sure if anyone ever remembers that there was such a thing called silent movies. Besides being a pleasure for all the deaf people, we too can enjoy the wonders of such a movie. I am so thankful that I went out last sunday with hoon. First, I've not met evil buddy hoon for quite some time due to her exams. Second, I was able to catch a performance cum screening of a series of silent movies at the Esplanade's Outdoor Theatre. Golly, I must have been a lucky guy that night.

There was this Australian group of about 5 I think, calling themselves the Blue Grassy Knoll, that performed with violins, harmonicas, drums, guitars, cello, an old handphone (they creatively used a ringtone for one scene), and some other musical instruments which I've forgotten about. And the conductor was inhuman, literally. They took cue from a projector screen that screened the silent movies of Buster Keaton. (At the end of their set pieces, they always thanked the screen. Hilarious!) I admit, in shame, that I've never heard of Buster Keaton. But his movies spoke volumes of the genius he is. I managed to watch 2 out of 3 of the screenings that night. 'Cops' and 'Sherlock Junior'. They're about 45 minutes each, but at the end of it, you'd probably be asking for more.

So there I was, sitting with hoon in front of the screen, with Blue Grassy Knoll making all the sound effects for the bonks, the comical conflicts and romance, and ferocious but classical police chase. (Not in cars mind you. Just good ol' goofy blue-but-you-can't-tell-cos-it's-a-black-and-white-movie uniformed cops running with small clubs in their hands.) It was beautifully done, and you might be tempted to think that maybe the movie was not so silent after all. Not like I ignored the group. They were one with the movie, and I was one with both the movies and the band. And I wasn't alone. The whole crowd at the outdoor theatre, regardless of race or nationality, was with me on this one.


Cheers and phwee-weeeeting. ===> Can someone tell me the correct word?

Smiles and laughter.

The lustful hunger for more.

It was what we all had in common that night. And I truly will never forget such a wonderful experience like that day, ever. I want to share this with the young'uns, and maybe, my own too in the future. Heh. I shall do a bit more research about Buster Keaton, his movies, and Blue Grassy Knoll. Things are getting lively once again. In the meantime, rejoice in a little pool of knowledge through these sites.

Things about Buster Keaton:

Things about Blue Grassy Knoll:

Yeah, that's it.

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