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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spike Me

Here's a toast, to a very entertaining website that I have oh-so-wrongly neglected, and by which I fully regret doing so. Spikedhumor is probably one of the most interesting sites to visit besides Youtube. It's not easy to find things that make you laugh, and by laughing, I do mean to the extent of pissing in your pants. (No chairs or floor were victimised in real life.) There are also some other cool things too. I know, they have a wide archive of pictures and videos to choose from, so here's a tip. Go to Torrentspy and see the featured Spikedhumor articles of the day. I didn't even have to break a sweat. Of the few I've seen, I'd like to highlight a few which I've enjoyed. Give it a go.

Oh, and I love everything about Conan O'Brien right now. And although I've not seen his late night shows and such, I'd gladly watch it if I knew when it was in Singapore. Let the videos speak for themselves.

And I think he has something against Walker Texas Ranger? Haha. Can someone fill me in on that please?

12:28 AM