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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Touchdown And Take-Off

The airport will be holding two important events these two days.

First of all, daena is coming back from the US back here to Singapore. It's been a damn long time since she left here physically, leaving a big gaping hole in my life since we always used to terrorise Bugis for one reason or another, played guitar together, compete and cooperate for PS2 tennis matches at her house, and basically talk a lot of cock along the way for quite a long time running. Haha. Daena, you little bugger. Darn you for making me feel this way. I'm not sure if you're back here yet, as I've yet to receive a call from you, but I hope you call soon. Let the good times roll once more.

Secondly, timothy is leaving for Australia tomorrow night. Sigh. I tell this to my friends everytime something like this happens, and I shall repeat it again. I'M DAMN SAD EVERYTIME WHEN ANY OF MY FRIENDS LEAVES SINGAPORE FOR LONG STUDIES.
Two reasons for this:

1.Well, I'll definitely miss them. To know that you can no longer take a short ride on a SBS bus to their house or town (for some, in a car) to meet up is depressing. But heck, it's their life, and I have no qualms to desperately request them to stay. It's just my expression of saying that there will always be a friend waiting here in Singapore for them.

2.I want to go abroad too. To study, to have a vacation, anything, as long as it takes me away from the norms of my life here for just a while. Alas, the chance hasn't revealed itself yet. So seeing that they can do so makes me kind of envious.

Praying for their safe journey to and fro.

To tim: You dickhead. You've irritated me on a daily basis with your 'act cute' actions, richard gere's pretentious look in the commercial, invasion of my privacy, high degrees of handphone theft and canteen requests. SIGH. Be sure to drop a message when you come back dude. All the best, and I'll pay a visit whenever I can. A friend to remember, and you can always count on me to do your bidding here. Haha. Don't worry, your anime will be delivered. Careful not to jotto matte over there too much.

11:28 PM