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Friday, July 21, 2006

Wheels For Legs

It's a glorious feeling, to be able to drive on the road, without feeling nervous of harbouring the wrong technique that will gain you demerit points in a driving pracitcal or test. I'm so much better off on the road now than I've ever been when I was a student driver. Driving with a proper license is definitely like a power-up item. You gain confidence, you gain speed, but most of all, you gain the car! Thanks mum, for all the support you've given me during my 1 year of driving lessons. (6 months of waiting, if I might add, during that one year. Crap.)

The moment I passed my driving test, mum fetched me, and we went on a lot of roads. CTE, SLE, BKE, KJE and AYE. My first destination was Nanyang Technological University (NTU). It was such a long journey, and I didn't realise that even with a car, it was so distant. If only there was an autopilot option. In any case, I've learnt how to drive to my destined school next year. Not that I'll be driving there on a daily basis. I'm considering staying in hall for the first year, the second, and maybe the third, and possibly the fourth and final one. I'm unsure for the moment, but I'm really looking forward to my next schooling chapter. I've learnt how to send my dad to work too, and so, weekends will be busy for me too. It's all good. I want to learn about all the roads in Singapore as soon as possible, so that eventually, I can fetch and send my friends and family anywhere, anytime.

At night, I went to the Coldplay Twisted Logic Tour concert. Me and wally were so damn close to the stage, it was about 2 arms length away from reach. It was quite a shocker to have such good seats, at the front of it all, the nearest of it all. But heck, we were there, and that's all that mattered. Wally made a call to her sister, and I thanked her as well for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity. Took quite a lot of pictures and videos of the concert, but I've not transferred them all into the computer. Shall post it up once I've done so. For the moment, all I can say is this. Awwwwwwsome! I'm not a hardcore fan, but they played with so much energy, I was sucked into it. They are really talented, and the sound effects were crazy. So was Chris Martin, who was full of insane energy during the concert. They don't need fancy costumes, clothes or stage dancers. All they needed were their instruments, the crowd and a fancy back screen. That did the trick alright. Goddamn. Did I mention that we almost managed to get a touch of Chris' hand, while he was running around the Indoor Stadium like a maniac all the way to the back? He stood next to this lucky girl, who went weak in the knees, cried in disbelief and glee, and was probably dumbfounded that Chris Martin was actually right beside her. You lucky girl! Heh.

Well, enough details for now. I just enjoyed the concert, and it's my first of such a kind. Now, if only John Mayer came. That'd be of guitargasmic proportions. Oh yeah.

'I know what I don't want to know, and that is to know nothing at all.'

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